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New to airbrushing. Question......

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I will be getting my first airbrush system next week and will be using it to paint the hull of my Bluenose model.


On the assumption that I will be doing multiple coats, will I have to clean the airbrush between coats? Or will the paint (acrylic) dry fast enough that following coats can be applied without the fear of the airbrush becoming clogged?


I have already researched (through this site and via the acrylic paint manufacturer) the proper method to prepare the paint for airbrush use and will, of course, test things out on scrap wood before painting the model. 



Current build: NRG Half Hull

Previous build: MS Bluenose 

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You may have to clean after several coats, as the pint may start to dry in the brush, and definately when you change colors.


Here is a good clinic



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The video Ron posted of Ken's Intro to Airbrushing is something I recommend to all those new to airbrushing.  The most complete short seminar out there.


To Dave's question about cleaning between coats (sorry I didn't see your text message till just a few minutes ago) there is no need when using acrylics to wait between coats on something like a hull.  By the time one paints the port side with a second coat the starboard side is ready for it's second coat.  There is a tendency for paint to dry on the tip of the airbrush with any paint but with acrylics it collects quicker and heavier.  It's always best to preemptively flick the dried paint off the tip than to wait till you see it affecting the paint application.  Experience will help to know how long this takes with the paint, pressure and atmospheric conditions.  But as long as the airbrush isn't set down for other than short periods there shouldn't be any need to clean it between coats of paint.

If stopping for lunch, clean it to the point there is no residual paint showing on a clean paper towel.  At the end of the day always do a thorough cleaning.


Take care,


Kurt Van Dahm






Nautical Research & Model Ship Society of Chicago

Midwest Model Shipwrights

North Shore Deadeyes

The Society of Model Shipwrights

Butch O'Hare - IPMS

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