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Santa Maria by NateB - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:65 - First wood model/ship

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Good Evening fellow shipsmiths


First a little intro about myself. I am a 35 years young man from South Africa, currently residing in Cape Town. I have done quite a few plastic models before and have enjoyed doing them. My uncle picked up a AL San Giovanni Battista about 15 years ago(which he is still doing) and this was my first introduction to wood modelling. For the last 5 years i have been working in construction which gave me a few skills for me to attempt a wood model. After finding this forum and these build logs i finally decided to do one and to do the Santa Maria by AL as it was one of the readily available ones here in Cape Town. I first wasnt going to do a build log but after seeing how much help others have gotten here am going to do one.

Onto the build. I started this build at the beginning December 2019, I dont have many earlier build pictures as over eagerness didnt leave time for pictures lol. I used many of the advice and ideas from the build logs here. Would like to thank whoever created all the articles in the database you have here. I got a lot of ideas from a user Katsumutso(sp) build of the Santa Maria and must say his build is absolutely stunning, not gonna measure myself against it lol. I didnt really have any trouble with the planking phase. I did make a few mistakes when assembling the false keel and bulkheads. i also did not check to see if my deck lined up properly with all my bulkheads and had to use a bit of wood filler as a result. I had more trouble with the veneer as it was harder to get it to bend the way i needed them to but in the end managed. A few pics to show you where I am currently.






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Thanks Kevin!!


A small building update from today. Next step is to do the gunwales. I have to do them in sections. Decided to use the laser cut as a mould/jig as bending onto something is easier than bending into something i find. Using a quilting iron to do all my bending, so far has worked really well. 








So this is where I am currently. I have to do the last two sections which are done in 4 parts. This is where i start to have a problem as the wood supplied varies in coulor and I thought i would have enough of the darker walnut to finish the gunwales, will have to see what i want to do. Need to file and sand back the bits sticking over the knees. Will update when I have made progress.

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9 hours ago, the learner said:

first wood kit? looks like you are doing perfect!! yep diluted stain, no paint.

Thank you! What would I dilute the stain with? Paint thinners? And is applying with a cloth better than brushing? 

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17 hours ago, the learner said:

Water based or oil based? I would use water based and dilute with water brush on and wipe off with cloth. Let dry then apply again if needed. 

Thank you. I actually think the one i want is water based. Will double check, just haven't had a chance to go past that side of the world yet to go get it.

A small minor update:

I was near the hobby shop and picked me up one of these Excel sanding sticks with belts on them. I need to sand my ship so i can either seal or oil it (not sure what i want yet). Its really working well at getting in those hard to get places. Especially where i have used too much glue, which is nearly everywhere hehe 😎

Pic of the stick



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