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How to stow a grapnel anchor on a French longboat

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I am making the various accessories for my build of the Chaloupe Armée, a 42ft 1834 French Armed Longboat. I have made the grapnel anchor as per the picture, but, having done so, wonder how and where it would have been stowed on the boat as it has such an awkward shape and was clearly quite hefty. It's 40mm long at 1:36.


I'd be really grateful for any advice or comments.






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I really have no idea on how it would be stowed, but I would think it would be stowed forward, under a thwart. If the bow area is closed off between the stem and forward most thwart, perhaps  under there, so it is out of the way along with the rode and line.   Regardless, I would want it to be at least a little visible on the model as it looks great!


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On many fishing boats one sees them kind of hanging in the bows from the capping rail with shank in-board. On the other hand, when approaching the ship it would have been probably completely taken in so as not foul or chafe anything.



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Thanks, allanyed, it may indeed need to go below the thwarts. Unfortunately while in the real world the thwarts were removable, I've just realised that I didn't think ahead for the model and I have fixed the thwarts very firmly in, knees and all. I tried putting it under the thwarts and then spent a good time trying to extricate it again -- a bit like one of those 3D puzzles.


@wefalck: I can see that I may well have to follow that idea and hang it over the rail. The 20 oars are also going to have to work out where they'll occupy space or else be wrapped and carried on either side.



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