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USS Alliance by Thunder - Pyro - no scale.

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U.S.S. Alliance by Pyro.


Bit of a story about why I am building this kit. Missed two holidays this year due to lockdown. Third holiday lockdown eased one week before. Both my wife and I still not completely comfortable going out so chose a small kit to do whilst away.


Holiday was for my 50th Birthday. Wife booked as a surprise 18 months ago and is a small cottage right on the tracks of a heritage railway in Somerset England. Unfortunately no locomotives running and needs £350,000 before can start again. Understandably she is very upset as spoilt her surprise.


A long time since I have done a plastic kit, (although have two others up to rigging stage), so this has been a story of disasters so far. No where to get supplies to replace defective items. I manage to pack every thing in the box with the kit that I thought I would need. Or I thought I had.


Some photographs of the kit, sorry started before thinking to post on here.





I Brought on impulse after seeing on ebay and the kit arrived day before leaving for the holiday. I have done some research but cannot decide what it is i am building. Kit History is below:




She is obviously not this vessel. The first Alliance was a frigate and would not have an Engine or prop. Gun arrangement is very strange and i have not been able to find other examples of this. The second Alliance was built in 1875 ( which means I have placed in wrong forum area) but not sure if this is that vessel either.


I think you will have to make your own minds up.


I must stress, don't expect wonders with this build as only for fun. It may also be abandoned for a while was I am back at home.


I have put hull together and installed some deck furniture and started to prime the deck. First issue is that the kit gives part numbers but none on the moulds.


My first disasters are that the super glue I brought with me has gone off and the white paint is like treacle. Not going well so far!!




Then I noticed that I had forgot my Thinners and mixing pallet for washing the deck. - Not going well so far.


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Hi Thunder,


The box says she was built in 1777 but I think they got they wrong by a century. There was a frigate Alliance built in 1777 but she doesn't look anything like this. The second Alliance was built in 1877 as a gunboat and is a very close match for you kit, including the smokestack, and as the kit box says she spent quite a few years as a training ship You can Google USS Alliance and see photos or drawings of both ships.

I have never heard of Pyro before but it looks like an interesting build.

Good luck with her.


By the way, the photos of your completed builds are very impressive - wish I could plank like that!

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3 hours ago, schooner said:

The box says she was built in 1777 but I think they got they wrong by a century. There was a frigate Alliance built in 1777 but she doesn't look anything like this.

I believe Thunder correctly stated that the description on the box is for the 1777 frigate ALLIANCE.  It was built in Mass. by the Hackett brothers.  This model is not that ALLIANCE.


Thunder....keep posting. 

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