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Liogier Needle Rasps

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Group - I order number 14 needle rasps kit back in August - handmade and stitched.   They arrived last week - wow - I can not recommend them highly enough.  I corresponded directly with the owner/artist Noel - during the manufacturing process.  They are not cheap but will last a lifetime if taken care of.  Here's his site.  



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I agree that hand-stitched French rasps are amazing. I've had two Auriou rasps for many years. They are expensive but far out-perform any commercial mass-produced tool.

Be sure to sign up for an epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series  http://trafalgar.tv

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Thank you for posting their website. The rasps look superb and the website is one of the best sites I've ever visited...Moab

Completed Builds:

Virginia Armed Sloop...Model Shipways


Louise Steam Launch...Constructo

Hansa Kogge...Dusek

Yankee Hero...BlueJacket


26’ Long Boat...Model Shipways

Under Construction:

Emma C. Berry...Model Shipways


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I just watched a video of the Auriou factory making rasps BY HAND.  Amazing.


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