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HM Armed Vessel Bounty - Best kit?


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I am looking down the track to do a large Bounty.  I have looked at some builds on this forum on the Artesania Latina 1/48 kit.  They look impressive.  I have also briefly looked at the Amati kit which is 1/60.


What are some opinions on these and other Bounty kits?  I am particularly looking at accuracy, the quality of materials and build, followed by instructions.  Accuracy and quality being paramount...

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I would say read the logs and ask the builder their opinion would be a good starting point.  

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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CH-53 Sikorsky - 1:48 - Revell - Completed                                                   Licorne - 1755 from Hahn Plans (Scratch) Version 2.0 (Abandoned)         



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OK, I'm looking at the Artesania Latina and the Occre kits.  I have heard that the Occre kits are of better quality.  Looking at dimensions:




Scale: 1/48

Length: 980mm

Beam: 355mm

Height: 763mm






Scale: 1/45

Length: 915mm

Beam: 345mm

Height: 720mm




At a larger scale, the Occre ship is smaller than the Artesania in all respects?  Someone is wrong.



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For accuracy and quality you should look at the Caldercraft version. But they are quite old kits and the instructions aren't that good probably, and sometimes the walnut in those kits aren't great either. But Caldercraft is most of the time one of the best with everything true on scale etc.


Maybe you can find some build logs on this forum to compare the kits, and what you prefer the most. 

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Thanks mugje.  I notice there are quite a few builds of the Amati kit as well.  I'm not sure how good or accurate Amati kits are generally.  At this stage, I am now leaning between the Amati and Caldercraft kits in terms of accuracy and quality, but would take more knowledgeable advice...


One thing I found was mention that the Caldercraft Bounty is the only one that appears closely modeled on the Admiralty plans after refit, not the original plans drawn up by the Admiralty based on the acquired Bethia.  In particular, the addition of a box structure 'next to the taffrail' which is thought to be the flag locker.  This structure looks too tall to be a normal flag locker like seen on the HMS Victory, extending much higher than the gunwale.




A suggestion is that the structure could be the Captain's 'water closet'  after refit of the Captain's cabin for the breadfruit.


The structure is shown in the image below from Caldercraft:




Also seen on the Amarti kit..




If one were to go by the only known period depiction of the Bounty, then this one etched in 1790 by Robert Dodd may be the most accurate, especially presuming he was going by some advice from knowledge people of the time, perhaps even Bligh himself, as it was in the same year, 1790, that Bligh was acquitted of the mutiny and he published his own account.




This would make the Amati model closer on the stern... I must say, I'm not very impressed with the Caldercraft depiction of that area.


The Bounty replica built for the 1960 movie...




and the 1978 movie...






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Just wondering now about the Occre Bounty in 1/45 again.  Mainly for the larger scale.  If I did this kit, I would want to close up side that is meant to be left exposed to show the interior.  Occre state there is no enough timber included, but they can supply the additional wood.  Also available elsewhere of course.


Any potential things to look out for with doing that on this kit?

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