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  1. Kolderstock make an electric plank bender which is similar to Aeropiccola bender, which doesn't seem to be available. https://kolderstok.com/en/products/elektrische-plankenbuiger 230V - 50 Hz, 30 W and comes with a European plug. I am told by Kolderstok that it will work on Australian 240V 50Hz power with an Australian plug adaptor So I am ordering mine. In the US, I believe the power supplied to houses is 240V, but stepped down to most outlets to 120V, but there may be outlets available at 240V for appliances requiring more power.
  2. Just noticed that the forum 'Wood ship model kits' in 'General Ship Discussions - NOT build logs' is only visible when logged-in. I assume this is intentional. Any reason for it?
  3. Feast Watson is made by Dulux (Australia) paints. Quite possibly only available in Australia. Here it is sold in Bunnings hardware stores. You should be able to find similar if outside Australia. I have used this particular product on Sapele (same family as Mahogany - Meliaceae), as you can see in my photo with no loss of colour. The prop is composed of 8 layers of 1mm Sapele 'Mahogany' and has a nice smooth satin finish.
  4. +1 for Iwata. I have very reliable Iwata HP-CS and HP-CP airbrushes that are a joy to use. The latter (more expensive) brush has an adjustable knob at the end to vary the airflow to get extremely fine results. For compressor, make sure you choose one with an air tank for smooth airflow. I have a Sparmax TC-620X, but also have had an Iwata Power Jet Pro - they are both very high quality professional compressors - the Iwata compressors are made by Sparmax I'm told. I recommend investing in the best compressor you can afford.
  5. I have used Feast Watson Sanding Sealer for previous projects with great success after finishing sanding with the finest available paper. You should be able to find similar. https://www.feastwatson.com.au/products/indoor-products/prep/sanding-sealer/ You could use even Micro-Mesh sanding cloths to get a very fine or mirror finish without any grain texture depending on what you are after, then finish with a suitable lacquer. https://tarhouseguitar.com/products/micro-mesh®-polishing-sandpaper
  6. I just started working on this kit. Good to know that the floor planking and thwarts should not be added until after the hull planking is done to enable sanding of the insides. I also want to paint the inside before attaching the flooring, thwart.benches as I want these to be in mahogany like this recreation in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall
  7. Marek Janczyk from HobbyZone Poland advised me in November that the Slip is undergoing some redesign and will be available in February/March 2021: https://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/boat-building-tools/26-professional-building-slip.html
  8. http://shellbackslibrary.dngoodchild.com/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=1405
  9. Highly recommend the four volume set The Elements and Practice of Rigging, Seamanship, and Naval Tactics by David Steel. Published by Cambridge University Press and available at https://www.cambridge.org/gb/academic/subjects/history/military-history/elements-and-practice-rigging-seamanship-and-naval-tactics?format=WX
  10. Hello David Yet another warm welcome from Down Under, this time from sunny Perth. Great looking models indeed! Yet to start on my first wood ship build coming from a range of model building backgrounds. If I can do close to what I see with yours, then I will be a happy quokka. Peter
  11. Looking for a fairly comprehensive encyclopedic reference (book) on 18th century vessels. It needs to cover all things from keel up, including construction, rigging and fittings and their use.
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