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Any Experience Using Deluxe Speedbond Glue?

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Hi all   the other day i decided it is


time for a new model   (as i tend to make them in the winter months)  this years is bomb vessel granado  by  AmatiVictory  ,but unfortunately i seem to be the only person who is building this version  ,most make the caldercraft .But my wife got it for my birthday . So it was time to sort my glues out ,cos i have found that c/a goes off after a year or so .A quick trip to my local model in leeds(yorkshire) was required to replenish my sticky stuff  then i can start gluing my fingers to my model /bench/chair /clothes etc  .So after filling a tiny bag with some very expensive bits that i never knew i needed ,i remembered that i needed some PV A  glue   and the shop guy pointed me to some new(?) stuff  called speedbond 100%pva (please note i have no relationship with this company  ) its a five minute fast grab glue   hopefully good for planking ,initial tests on a small display case seem promising  .So i wondered if anyone else has used this glue and what they think  its by a company called DELUXE SPEEDBOND  available at www.deluxematerials.com     it does what it says



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Deluxe Materials, a UK company, manufactures a broad line of adhesives aimed primarily at the hobbies and craft markets which are sold internationally, but not widely distributed in the US. It's product line appears to be very similar to Elmer's Glue products in the US (which also owns Krazy Glue and Super Glue CA glues, ProBond adhesives, and Xacto hobby tools.) Deluxe's Speedbond glue is a basic PVA adhesive with a fast-drying solvent, according to their product literature. It can be obtained mail-order from a few online retailers in the US. https://www.amazon.com/DELUXE-MATERIALS-Speedbond-White-Glue/dp/B007I13ZSI  Not a lot of reviews of it on line. Two rate it five stars and say it does what it says. One other, one star, with the comment "It don't even stick toilet paper together." It looks interesting.





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