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Ragisian Carrack XVI century by Shipphotographer.com - MarisStella - Scale 1:59 (775 mm/30,5")

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This kit was provided for my YouTube channel as sponsorship from one of the channel members who wished to remain anonymous. I was offered a choice between two fairly well-established manufacturers. My attention was drawn to the Carrack model, because this is my passion: ships from Columbus’ time ...




Manufacturer: MarisStella (Croatia)

Scale: 1:59 (775 mm/30,5")

Single plank-on-bulkhead hull.



All visible elements are made of solid walnut wood (laser cut).

The bulkheads are of plywood. Detailed instructions with pictures and drawings.

Fabric for the sails is ready-dyed and pre-stitched...













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1 hour ago, Chuck Seiler said:

Outstanding video build log.  You are setting the bar high.


Did you let each bulkhead dry before gluing in the next?  Looking forward to the next episode.

Thank you!
I'm so glad you liked the video!
I dried every bulkhead for about 5 minutes before installing the next one!

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8 hours ago, Louie da fly said:

Mind if I pull up a chair?


Carracks are one of my favourite vessels. I've collected a bunch of contemporary pictures of them which you might find useful - at https://www.pinterest.com.au/lowe1847/carracks/



Thank you!

This is also my passion: ships from Columbus' time...


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Really stunning work! Can't wait to see how it will look finished.


For next build I suggest buying silicone wires (if not using it already, can't really tell from the video). They are much more flexible and also head resistant! Soldering iron will not melt the isolation. I use these wires when working on my electronic projects and I like them a lot.


Also, I would like to thank you for making all these videos. They are a huge help for a beginner like me.

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MarisStella, a manufacturer of ship kits, impressed me so much that I just can't keep quiet!

A small batch of boxes with a laser failure hit the stores - it was quickly removed from the shelves, and those who managed to buy kits were replaced with new ones at their own expense. But another thing suprised me - I started assembling without any complaints to the manufacturer - used to correct all the mistakes myself! Because usually other manufacturers do not admit their mistakes and accuse you of not following the instructions, etc ...

In my case, MarisStella was looking for the last defective kit to replace it. And since I have already started to work and spent a lot of time to correct the defect - they sent me the details of the "upgrated kit" - a good quality photo-etching parts. So I shoot this separate video to show the true quality of their kits.

I will share with you a secret: The manufacturer replaced all equipment after a previous failure. Now the new laser can be better controlled for quality. Talking to a representative fo MarisStella, I got the information that they have now planned to release a bunch of new interesting projects. New kits in my favorite scale 1:48. And the option to choose a kit on bulkheads or on frames with an interior...





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Continuation of the building the RAGUSIAN CARRACK XVIc by the Croatian manufacturer MarisStella. 
I started planking the hull with the installation of wales - which I decided to make them from black walnut.
I want to dilute the usual walnut wood from the kit and give the model a greater contrast and volume...
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