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  1. Thank you guys for comments! I think your approach is good! One of the reasons why I have chose to taper first planking was to train & prepare for the second one. This was my first planking job ever and I wanted to make it look good.
  2. Good morning! A little update from me. Glued on doors+hinges on the 2th deck: Glued all vertical hull reinforcements, they still need to be sanded a bit: Added steps for reaching forecastle: I am getting closer and closer to the most scary part of the ship - sails and rigging
  3. I think you should try Olfa knifes.. Both AK-4 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Olfa-AK-4-Professional-scalpel-comfort/dp/B0027IVSXG) and AK-1 (https://www.amazon.com/OLFA-AK-1-Standard-Knife-Blades/dp/B0006SJAXE/) are extremely good. I refuse to use anything else If you order it please make sure to include spare blades in your order. My favorite blade: https://www.amazon.com/OLFA-9161-Art-Blade-25-Pack/dp/B0006O87T6?ref_=ast_sto_dp Using Olfa and anything else is day & night difference to me.
  4. A little update here. Did some work on vertical support structures on the sides of the ship (I am pretty sure these wood columns has their specific name as everything in the ship has ) Each vertical column is made from 9-11 parts - depending on length.
  5. Thank you guys! Yes, I had to bend planks both ways. To bend planks I was using simple electrical iron... I do not see this technique advertised enough Basically I wet the plank, turn the electrical iron at the max setting and press down and twist. You will need to "twist" with iron in multiple places, I tend to use just the tip for the twisting motion. I saw many unnecessary complex and time consuming ways to bend the blanks laterally, but using the electrical iron is the best one I think For other simple bends (non lateral) I use home made for
  6. Wow this build is out of this world. I was amazing to see difficult ship body assembly, but when you started hand carve ships crew...
  7. Hey, After a while an update from me Made canons. I have replaced metal canon carriages with wooden ones and painted canons black with acrylic paint: Assembled anchors: Little fences to be placed on the deck: Water pump was missing from the kit, had to order from Amati store. I also ordered some walnut 0.5 x 4 mm planks, because with my modifications there is not enough of them to finish the ship: Something on the main deck: Rudder (will add nails later)
  8. Looking very good so far! It is good that we will have more detailed Amati Santa Maria build logs.
  9. A little update this time. Did a second layer of black acrylic paint at the front of the ship. Then glued a 2 mm x 2 mm square plank around the ship perimeter. I am really satisfied about the 45 degree angle joint at the stern Next update is going to be a bit delayed - need to experiment with varnishes and stains on wood scraps.
  10. Hey guys! Thank you! I have made a bit if progress... I have planked false keel and rudder attachment place with hull walnut planks. I could not stand the raw material and painting/staining option was not looking good either. I just hope that there is enough walnut 1mm x 4mm planks in the kit. Also, Amati instructions could be better... but that might be just my lack of experience. I just noticed some little glue spots shining in the photos... I will have to clean those until the next time
  11. Did some work on decks: Laid planks in the inner side: Added vertical columns: Added upper railings: It was a bit of pain to bend upper railing like that
  12. Thank you guys for comments on my build! Photo credits goes to the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KE9esmf5U1o I have a question about upper railing plank... Is this supposed to be from the same material as hull second planking is made? In the instructions it is written as 1mm x 4mm planks, but hull second planking is more like 0.5mm x 4mm walnut. In other builds on the internet (like from the picture above) material looks like real 1mm x 4mm and not the thin hull planking kind 0.5mm x 4m. I am wondering if my kit is missing some planks or tings look diffe
  13. I have finished deck planking. After start I have noticed that I was supposed to use 4 butt shifting pattern... but when I have tried to remove planks they were attached to the false deck too well so I had to finish it as is. Lesson learned - do not rush and do your research more than one time. I was using wrong reference. Deck still looks good though
  14. Hey, fellow Amati Santa Maria build here. Pay attention to the bottom line of "ribs", especially where garboard plank sits. By raising frames to get an even deck level line you make it harder to prepare frames for planking. In some places I had to add extra wood strips in order to have an even surface for planking. Honestly, I have regretted lifting frames...
  15. Second planking is nearly done I am quite happy with the result. Not sure what I am going to do with the finish.
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