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Chain Wales and Gunport Linings - French ship question.

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I've hit a bit of a dilemma on my Licorne build....  chain wales, sheer strake,  and gunport linings.


The plans show the chain wale and by inference, the sheer strake as being contoured (red arrows).  The photos of Hahn's build show them as being more of a square cross-section. 


Also, the pictures of the build show the gunports as being unlined (blue arrow).  I've looked at other French ship models and I'm seeing a mixed bag here.  No consistency.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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   If I remember right Harold did some things the way he though best which is not always the way it was done. But after looking at other French ships like you have I also see a mix. Not sure what to tell you on this, maybe someone like Russ or Gary can help. What do you feel is right?

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I remember that also about Hahn.   But in this case, the chain wale (upper red arrow) runs the length of the hull.  I can't imagine it having that profile the entire length.  Nor can I imagine a transition point near the mid-section. The blue arrow points to the mid-section area which is where the profiled part is from the plan in the previous post.  The transition areas would be right at the rear-most forward deadeyes and around the area of the main mast.  Maybe there is a change in profile there...???


I have to admit, this isn't the most detailed set of Hahn plans that I've seen.   Probably the least detailed.  I'm thinking it's probably squared and he drew a profile in.  I don't have that particular NMM plan (6213/39) to verify.  I have the others but the cross section isn't on them.  Nor is there a head-on drawing as Hahn did on his other plan sets which would let me see the profiles.



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I see more now as to what you are saying, I agree with you that it doesn't seem like it would run the full length either. And since neither of us has the print from the NMM there is no way of knowing for sure. Now hopefully someone on the forum does know what the answer is that you need. Wish I could be of more help, but the books I have on Harold don't show or say anything that can be of any good for your question. Sorry.

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Hi Mark,

I went trough Vol. 1 and 2 of the Books "The 74 gun ship" by Jean Boudriot.

I can't find no contoured chain wales or sheer Planks on this French ship, all square.  Gun port linings doesn't exist either.



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Thanks all.   That helps.  I'm going to go with the square and not the carved profile.  And also, unlined gunports.  I suspect Druxey has the key as apparently things weren't completely uniform in France from shipyard to shipyard as they were in England.

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