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Restoration of the Emma C Berry by Tom Lauria

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Tom lauria makes some excellent videos   I look out for them on YouTube     the way he works  and the pace he presents at  is a joy to watch   (as opposed to some of the videos  that machine gun you with info from other youtubers)    if you haven't seen any of his other videos check them out! You won't be disappointed  I have no connection with him  I just admire his  work

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I'm glad you found Tom Lauria's videos.  My favorite videos of his are is 1. 1/48 model of the Kate Cory, 2.  Creating an Artistic Impression, 3.  Blocks Not from Scratch and his latest series, 4.  Repairing the Emma C. Berry.  Tom actually teaches.  His videos along with Chuck Passaro's planking videos are some of the best and most useful I've ever seen.


Happy Modeling,



Wawona 59



Next Project::  ?


Wish list for "Seattle Connection" builds:  1/96 Lumber Schooner Wawona, 1/96 Down Easter St. Paul, 1/32 Hydroplane Slo-Mo-Shun IV  


Completed Builds: Midwest - Chesapeake Bay Flattie (highly modified); Revell - 1/96 Constitution, 1/96 Thermopylae, 1/96 Cutty Sark, 1/570 Titanic; Dragon - 1/700 USS Arizona; Model Shipways - NY Pilot Boat Phantom, Aurora - Whaling Ship Wanderer, Maquette - Boeing 307 Stratoliner

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