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Gluing technique for 2nd planking

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I'm finally about to hit the stage of adding a 2nd layer of veneer planking for my Mayflower hull.  My question is around gluing technique.  Since the 2nd layer is a thin veneer, is it best to coat the entire underside of the plank with adhesive? I was thinking of slightly thinning the wood glue I've been using to accomplish this.  


Thoughts, ideas, suggestions?



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I did the second layer on my AVS using wood glue, If you thin the glue you might have trouble with it absorbing into the first layer wood and not getting a strong bond. Light sanding cleaned it up nicely after completed, just be carefull not to sand too deep, its easy to go thru the veneer.

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You could try using thick/gel CA glue and place a few drops on the back of the wood and use wood glue on the edges and then with a damp cloth wipe away the excess wood glue. The basic idea is that the gel/thick CA won't run everywhere into the grain but will still form a strong immediate bond to act like a nail while the wood glue has time to dry.

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For my second planking which is thin veneer I've used contact adhesive (Pattex). See my build log of Matthew.
I can recommend it.   

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