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Novice - Planking assistance required..

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Brief history - I am a complete novice to the interesting world of model ship building, and decided to take the plunge with what I have read to be a model for beginners.


The model I have started to build is called a Constructo Carmen.


I have been making relatively good progress, but I have now hit a seemingly impassable wall - Planking the hull.


I just don't know where to start and the more literature I read the more confused I become.


I was following a thread on this forum that gave a very details step by step builders account of planking, but this obviously no longer exists.


Any help to start me off would be greatly appreciated.


The instruction booklet provides the following images, but I am struggling on how to taper the planks to wrap neatly around the hull, and fit the stem and stern.




This is how far I have got so far..










This image shows that the planks are not sitting correctly against the bulkheads, do I need to pad this out?





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I have started to read through the 'Simple Hull Planking Techniques for Beginners', and got as far as Chapter 7 - Fairing the hull


From the photo below, do I have the temporary batten in the right place? I am finding the shape of this hull a bit complicated to get a natural line for the batten.


Also, it mentions in the guide about carving out a 'rabbet line'. but the keel on this boat seems to not allow for this as the bulkheads run right to the bottom of the false keel. Is this something I need to worry about?










Many thanks





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If you look at the link Mark gave you, there are some ideas on using thread to "fair" the hull as opposed to a batten.  Particularly on a small hull like you are woking with, that may give you a bit better guide to work with.  As far as the rabbet goes, it does not appear based on the photo's in the instructions that you would be able to.  According to the plans, do the bulkheads extend all the way to the bottom of the keel or is there supposed to be a small gap there where the planking fits?  Also, looking at your picture with the batten, it appears that the batten is not flush on all the bulkheads - if that's the case, you would need to do some evening out (probably by adding some onto the one that is short?)


What you have is certainly a difficult planking arrangement!

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Have you had any success's in the planking tutorials ?

some times we all tend to over complicate the simple ways of doing things,

if you are still struggling send me a PM I have just over come the issues you were showing in your photos


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