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Mamoli Golden Hind kit


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I just grabbed the Mamoli Golden Hind kit last week, and it has a major issue that may be of great concern for some builders.


The decorative silk screened mahogany is no longer produced by Mamoli.  According to Alessandro at Mamoli, they were having too many issues with the paint staying in the mahogany so they replaced the parts with card stock.  They started doing this with the kit about 4 years ago.  So, if your kit is older than 2009, you may get the silk screened parts but they may look like they are damaged I am guessing.




You can imagine my shock when I pulled the cardboard sheet out of the box, the one part I really wanted to see!!!


I was told I could either use the cardstock cut out or take 0.5mm mahogany strips to paint them myself.  I suppose with some practice it could work.


Just a heads up.  The kit looks pretty good otherwise, although the instructions are not very friendly and might scare off a first time builder.  This will be my spring 2014 project.


Anyone else on MSW have this kit?





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Thanks Sailor, that sounds like a plan.  Do you have any pics I could see of your decal work?  


The thing that bugs me about the card part is it has the mahogany is painted in with the paint, which we all know will not match the real mahogany on the ship.  I would have to cut out the prepainted wood sections and it would probably go.

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OK  I figured it out... Yeh!!


The Victory sternplate is from Mamoli's  1/200 scale kit.. The stern plate part was very poor on detail.


So I took a photo of the Heller's 1/100  plastic Victory ( great details), put the image into Photoshop to clean it up ... then reduced the image 50% to 1/200 scale....  printed it on adhesive backed paper and instant sternplate  ( galleries, too...)


The rest are water slide decals I made with my PC


The hardest were the decals on the Titanic's life rings... Getting the curvature right took several tries...


Let me know if you need any tips...


Also attached is my Mamoli Golden Hind  for an example...  I may have had the older kit as the decoravtive panels did not have the "mahogany" problem you have..   I just had to add a .5 mm thick  planking outer surface to form a pocket for the cardstock to blend into...  ..








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the Mamoli Mayflower also has the printed card stock.  Cutting and gluing would be easy to do, but think we will go with paint.  The pattern will definitely be simplified, maybe just some painted stripes and one big flower.


The Mayflower looks like a nice kit, and has bulwarks made of strip wood rather than ply.  Bending and gluing large plywood strips reduces the building enjoyment for this geezer.

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