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Mamoli Victory Question


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Greetings modelers. I have just recently started the Mamoli 1:90 Victory. This will be my 4th kit but the first one with instructions of this sort.


My question is, very early on it has you install false deck #24, I'm wondering if this should be planked or not. It's not mentioned in the instructions and the only picture on any of the plans is in profile so I can't tell. Normally I would just plank it anyways to be I. The safe side but I can already tell that quantity of materials will be an issue so don't want to waste if I don't have to.


Of course if the consensus is just plank and be safe/practice I'll go that route and just order more materials.

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Hi Einstein,


Nice to see another Mamoli Victory builder aboard. It would be a good idea if you were to start a build log and show some pictures of any issues you might have - that way you'll get a broader spectrum of advice from people who might not be familiar with your particular kit/plans/instructions. I've just checked my plans and had a peek inside my hull, and yes, I would plank that deck.


Now might be a good time to warn you that the instructions for this kit are, shall we say, not great. If you follow too closely, they will paint you into a corner, particularly wrt installing canon on the quarterdeck. I would also advise throwing out the metal gun port fittings and making your own timber ports.


Don't wish to appear too negative when you're just starting this one - with a bit of kit-bashing and a lot of thinking/reading ahead, it does make up into a very nice model. If I can be of any further assistance, don't hesitate to ask, either through your own build log, or send me a PM directly.




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Thanks for looking at the decking for me. Definitely planning to start a build log once I'm past the basic framing.


I've been researching for about a month every build log on the net so that I would know what issues might come up.


I have the issue about the quarterdeck guns on my radar.


As far as the gun ports go, my plan as of right now(subject to change) is to go ahead and use the metal but cut the tabs off and use epoxy like another one of the MSW members so that they line up correctly. If that doesn't work I will fall back to scratch building them.


I eagerly look forward to much discussion and tips from the great folks here.

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I used the metal gunport frames for both the Royal Louis and HMS Victory and they hold firm with CA glue and some side supports. They are also fairly easy to sand/file down and overall give the best result for all the false cannon arrangements. As you plank from the top down it is also fairly simple to line up all the gunports.


All the false decks supplied should be planked with the tanganyka strips.


As mentioned about put the upper gun deck cannons in before you put on the quarter deck, but double plank the hull before you reach that level.


Also consider the option of purchasing some 1x5mm or 1x4mm walnut to double plank the hull and use 5mm copper tape for the coppering. The supplied method is ok also.

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