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Zheng He Treasure Ship Kit


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Hi guys, while browsing around ebay I came across this item, It is chinese but from what I can see is not part of the ZHL axis of pirates. It isn't a PoB style kit, instead it is a much more simplified wooden laser cut puzzle sort of model.





Very tempting kit bash project. Plank it with some nice 3mmx.05mm walnut or so, scratch build some other parts and it could quite a nice little model. 

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Trying to picture an 8 year old building that and I can't. Maybe a 10 or 12 year old. Are there instructions that say for 8 and up or something? Looks much more detailed than I can envision my 6 year old building in 2 years, or my girlfriend's 7 year old next year even..... It does look like a pretty neat vessel though

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Well the main point is that this could serve as a great starting point for a kit bash. I don't think actual plans of the treasure ships exist, or written details beyond a certain generality. So the builder can have a degree of artistic license with their kit bash.


It won't appeal to the purist of course, but they have the realms of scratch-building to satisfy their desires.


Wooden dowels for the masts, scratch built sails, reworked door/window frames, 0.5mm wood planks on the hull and deck, some false guns, and some new rigging rope and you could have a relatively inexpensive ship that is exotic, if only loosely historic, won't take up much room etc.


It's tempting to build that kit, as well as one of the korean turtle ships.

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