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  1. I see you placed deck planking under the forward trucks of the guns to get them to the proper height. Is that temporary until you lay the decking or will you be leaving it open like this? Stunning work you've done. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Looks like the tuck for finishing off the grommet was tucked somewhere around the 8 o'clock position. Nice job.
  3. Car guys call it a "rotissery restoration" as the setup is essentially a rotissery. I see no reason why that can't be done for this ship.
  4. Quick question.... Are you planning to build the ship that was used for the movie, or the actual Surprise which isn't quite exactly the same as the one used in the movie. I think for a start, there aren't enough guns for HMS Rose/Surprise, to be the historical HMS Surprise.
  5. Cool project. I suspect you can expect this log to be moved by the Admins to the CAD section. I'll follow along though.
  6. Glenn, I've done some research on Scottish Maid and am led to believe there were a number of sisterships built because of her successful design. Do you know anything about this? Also saw that she was around until 1941 which surprised me. I wonder why there aren't more pictures of her....
  7. Nice work Terry, I can't imagine how hard it would be to create a 7 bladed scimitar shaped screw like that. The boats I sailed in (Victoria class) have a similar screw and looking up at it in dock while "sputtifying" (SPUT stands for skimmer puke under training in our navy) I couldn't wrap my head around the design work that goes into them.
  8. What are the "pointers" referred to in that appendix? Anyone know? I've never heard of pointers as part of a ship. Is there another name for pointers that I might recognize?
  9. Excellent resource there. Thanks for posting it. I look forward to reading through all those volumes.
  10. Rick, I have been watching Lady Nelson builds with exactly that in mind. When I can finally start a wood kit, I plan to bash this one into Hornblower's Witch of Endor from Flying Colours. I think she's the closest one to her of the cutter kits out there. Looking forward to this one as well.
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