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  1. I wonder if there was provision for working both at once somehow? In action I can see it being imperative to have both the capstan and the pumps going at times.
  2. Ooooooh, I sailed in her a number of years ago while on one of my trade courses with the RCN. My brother raced her in the Vic Maui the year they won, maybe 18-20 years ago now. I'll be following this one closely. I may or may not have some pictures of her if you're looking for detailed shots. Not many but might have a couple. There's a book about her as well that is available. Can't recall the name but I think my brother has a copy of it. I'll see what he says.
  3. My favourite invented word that I came up with years ago was angrifying. We had been broken into while we were away and it was the best word I could come up with to describe how we felt. I still use it. Pumps would have been used all the time, shipping and unshipping the handle would have taken a significant amount of time if they were shipped several times per day. I suspect they were left on but thought maybe someone might know for sure.
  4. Are those elm tree pump handles shipped and unshipped every time they are used? If not, do they snag on lines or anything? They seem quite protrusionary if I could invent a word.
  5. Have you any more shots of the three of them together? She's really taken a step forward with the ratlines done.
  6. Wow, you move quickly. Nice job. This has to be the biggest model of her I've ever heard of.
  7. You asked earlier what the anchor fluke protector was called. The fluke used to be called the bill and it was called a Billboard. It's probably the etymological ancestor to the advertising signs on the highway.
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