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warped spars


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The smaller ones had be heated next to an iron and formed to shape.  I tend to now, as Jud said, use them as patterns and make them out of wooden dowels.


The larger ones should be two-piece assemblies.  With these, you can put a small steel, or wooden rod in them and glue the halves together.  Makes sure to use a lot of clothes pins to clamp them down with.

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Hello, I have managed to fix such bended plastic pieces by dipping them into very hot water (actually, boiling) and setting them to the correct position with two pliers. It also may be a good idea to try the technique on a piece of sprue to set the correct temperature before doing it on the actual piece.  


The boiling water is hot enough to make your piece pliable yet not that hot to make it lose its correct shape. I would not try heating a plastic piece in another way; it may melt or, even worse, can ignite if heated too much. 

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I am not sure if the boiling water technique worked or not, however, Revell has an amazing customer service that you can request replacements from. If the kit is from the US then it takes only a couple of weeks to get the replacements, otherwise, if it comes from Revell Germany, it can take up to 12 weeks. I have had to request warped, broken or missing pieces on numerous occasions and have yet to pay for them. The downside is that if the model is out of production, then they rarely if ever have the part. Hope this helps, If not now then possibly in the future.


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