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Photo etch bending tool ?


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I never have used one of those tools - there are times I wish I had! However, I just use razor blade and one of those 6" metal rulers. Honestly, this combination has worked well enough that I couldn't justify the cost. For the round/circular items, I just find an item the approximate size and wrap the PE around it. Call me cheap, I guess!

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I have a slightly longer version of the bender Captain Scott shows and I love it. The edge where the bending takes place is rather sharp which allows you to be VERY accurate where you place your bends. I use a single edge razor blade slipped under the PE to make the bend once it is securely in place in the bender.

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I'm (slowly) building  a 1/300 brig from Langton Miniatures. Lots of photo-etch (sails, shrouds etc). Having tried to bend some PE sails before using steel rule etc, with varying results, I searched and found the tools at the link.


I bought the folding tools. What a difference. I can thoroughly recommend  them. I have since bought the PE saws as well.







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