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I am curious if anyone have carved or created a solid hull ship out of a block of wood? This would be similar to what you find in some of the MS kits like the Phantom or Sultana. What are the best power tools and steps to be able to accomplish this?




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I am thinking about doing that.I have good carving skills and new to model ship building.I am trying to learn about building plans.If I can find a good set of plans or an actual built ship,I think I can build a good looking model.I guess the purists would not agree but their are many levels of modelers

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Kannon, there is no such animal as a "purist" Dave and Mark of course are having fun with the term as you no doubt have realized. JB the fact that you are interested in funneling your carving ability into the hull of a ship model is perfect for inclusion on this wonderful site. You will find no end of very helpful advice from those who are skilled at the particular task you are doing.


I would reccomend you start with a build log after deciding on a boat or ship, you ask what are the best power tools and steps, there are so many examples of just about every aspect of building a model ship here.


Jump in and do not be afraid to ask a specific question about a task as you have already done.

Check out the plans and research sections and also the threads that discuss planking some over solid wood and so on.


Good luck with your new endeavour.



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