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Hi All,


I actually already posted this question but it seems to have disappeared from the forum via a technical glitch.


I'm building a 1:150 mamola HMS Victory.


There are a series of small "L" shaped pieces that need to be made out of 1mm x 10mm mahogany veneer strip. I'm finding this to be very difficult, not because of the scale, i.e 5-10mm but due to the timber always splitting and falling apart. When by some miracle I get the shape close they crumble to pieces when a whole is drilled into it. I use a small bastard file to shape The piece and understand the concept of using the wood grain to advantage.


Can any of the pro's advise how best to do this? It's a bit disheartening when I'm stuck on the first page of the instructions LOL I'm using the scraps of the1mm mahogany threeply as a work around and that seems to do the trick but not as good.




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Hi Jarrod,

I'am afraid you will not succeed with the mahagony Wood as it has a strong grain.

I would suggest to replace it and give a try to a other Wood sort like pear, walnut or maybe basswood.

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Thanks everyone for your quick responses.


I'm glad the consensus view is mahogany isn't up for the job. It's what I was thinking. I wonder why they use it in the kits for the detail pieces.


I'm finding the three ply works well enough and I'll paint it if I find it looks out of place.


Thanks again.

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