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3mm dead eyes

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you might try thr fly fishing shops for small thread or fine fishing line. Make sure its flexible enough to lay in the deadeyes correctly though. BILL

Bill, in Idaho

Completed Mamoli Halifax and Billings Viking ship in 2015

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The deadeyes in the picture below are 2mm and 3 mm. So it can be done. I used sewing thread after having taken a #80 drill bit to clean out the hole. I use beeswax on the end of the thread to stiffen it up and a magnivisor to see what I'm doing.




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Cant beat SG on the end of the thread so easy, but use the very thin viscosity grade




Current build Trumpeter Arizona 1:200 with White Ensign PE and a Nautilus Wooden Deck.

Built Caldercraft Convulsion, HM Brig Badger and HMS Snake.

Awaiting - Zvelda HMS Dreadnought planning to get the Pontos Deck and PE Upgrades, Panart 1:23 Gun deck model and couple of the cannon kits Manatu - French siege mortar, and American coastal cannon.

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Simplest jig ever – take piece of telecom cable and remove thin wires from inside it is great for pass thread trough block or deadeye.


Space jig for lanyard







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Vasa, HMS Victory, Le Solei Royale, Friesland

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Polacca XVII cent.

Current project:

SS Savannah 1818

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