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Dimensions of a swivel or falconet gun?

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I need to fabricate swivels for my 1:80 Hannah build but am not sure how big to make them. The closest I've seen in cast parts for sale are 1/4" long and others are too big, but I think those may be a bit small and would be about 20" long at actual scale.


Does anyone have dimensions for a typical swivel used in the late 1700's or a retail source in the right scale?




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In terms of the dimensions, I have come across quite a range - between about 20" and 32" in length.  Interesting artifact recovered in the Great Lakes of a ramrod for a swivel gun that measured 14 inches long (the rammer, that is) with a 1/2 pound shot.


Not sure who may have accurate period swivels - will do some checking when I get a chance.

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