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Dinghy by adivedog - FINISHED - Midwest Products - Small

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I had ordered what I thought would be my first build, the AL Swift, but the day after ordering it I was at Hobby Lobby looking for anything I thought I might need for the build that I didn't already have.  I noticed the Dinghy, and after reading the box decided to buy it and work on it until the Swift came. It was $25 and I had a 40% off so easy decision. :)


It was a great decision for me. Even though it is small with minimal parts, I still had to sand, shape, shim, fix mistakes, learned the instruction sheet is not always correct. I got "into" the build and away I went.


I wasn't going to post a build log for it, but have decided this would also be a good learning experience for the future builds.


I have most of it done but will just post some each day for a little while.


I also hope to add a few things that other first timers might be able to use.


I will try to add a picture to this post to see how it turns out.







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Well, that was easy enough, so will go ahead and get started with the build.


First was to pencil in the plank lines on the one piece bottom plank.


Also had to pencil in the  frame lines and cleat lines.


Then start putting together the frame. Thats where I ran into my first hurdle. After glueing the frame together and dry testing it i found out the frame was too wide, so had to take apart and redo. My first big learning experience. Always dry test everything before glueing. I had to take it apart and re do it


The knee and transom and stem were next.




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If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, definitely should check it out, they have a lot of interesting and usable items including balsa and basswood.

They usually put a 40% off coupon in Sunday paper with their ad.

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Thanks guys,  I opened the Swift kit yesterday so will be starting a log on it soon. 


My only regret with this build is that I didn't take enough pictures. Will do better in the future.


How do you set up the template for the bottom of posts that shows current and past builds ??

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Good job with the signature John.

In the same place you can hypelink the Dinghy and Swift so others can click on them in your sig and be taken to your build. Its a handy way to let people find your builds.

Basically open a second window and copy the URL address from above and put it into the hype-link of the first page.


I wouldn't worry about number of pictures, I tend to probably over do pictures, but I like lots of pics of the clamping up for my own future reference. You'll find clamping to be one of the most interesting tasks of building and never underestimate the power of a well placed rubber band.

If you eat you veggies, I recommend saving those chunky bands they put on asparagus and broccoli, they are great for holding.

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Put on the last planking. Only problem was, somehow the 2nd plank slid down a little from the mark I had, but no biggie.




Then found some stain here in the garage, so stained the bottom English Oak, and the top Red Mahogany.


The oak was darker than I expected, but I kind of like it, has more of a used look.




The light color is from putting some ca across the seams on the bottom earlier after the garboard plank was installed. It didn't take the stain.  Also had to make a new breasthook on the front as it was broken and not symentrical when taken out of the sheet.


Have the riser a little high in the aft section, but everything was glued so will make do with it.


Almost done



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If you look through my Biloxi oyster skiff thread, I think I showed the oarlocks. They are brass strip and the post is brass wire. I drilled a hole in the strip into which the wire was hard soldered.



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Finishing up now, decided to cut off the stem and am coating with poly. Also decided not to put on the rope around the guard on the outside of the hull.




Thought I'd put a lantern on the bow so they could fish at night, or hide there treasure ?




Made the lantern hook out of a paper clip and painted black.post-14348-0-89203000-1407590083_thumb.jpg

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