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I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but the first bulkhead on my model (corel scotlands) protrudes slightly more than the deck. I checked with the plans and everything seems to be fine. I'll post some pictures:



The reason I am confused is because I think it's normal for the front of the frame to clear the deck but the back should be aligned. This makes shaping the frame easy: filing the only the front projection while leaving the outline of the frame intact.


In my case, the front and back projection of the frame clears the deck? Any suggestions, fixes, solutions to something I'm doing wrong. I haven't glued the deck on yet. 








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I feel this is among the normal discrepancies found with some kits.Personally I would fair the frames down using the deck as the template.This way you are sure to maintain symmetry which could otherwise show up when the deck is planked.To be on the safe side,I would draw a centreline on the deck and check the distance to the deck edge each side.I have known that sometimes even laser cut decks to be unsymmetrical.If all is well then you are safe to use the ply deck as your template.


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Ahoy harbm :D


I really don't see much of a problem at all. Your bulkheads will need to be "faired"  or sanded so that the planks make full contact on them as they wrap around the hull. Looking at your image 0005 the "back projection" or stern side of this bulkhead barely protrudes. The side facing the bow will be removed as you fair this bulkhead 


Here is a link to the instructions for the Model Shipways Rattlesnake. 




Page 9 Figure 4 shows the fairing 


The pic shows a knife, sandpaper is safer.  When you do fair your bulkheads there is usually only one side that needs to be sanded.  Use the side of a pencil and highlight the corner of the bulkhead that doesn't need to be touched so you don't remove any by accident and change the shape of your hull. Easy to do 



PS: Your kit is a Corel. You should have pre-cut bow fillers. Use them to check that bulkhead.  

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The instructions aren't clear but you will see you have to angle those along with the filler piece. I think sygreen has this in his build log. This will fix that. Better too long than too short.



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