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not sure if its a problem, but please check my planking....(edited by admin)

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I'm working on my first ship model (the bounty of mamoli 1/100)

and now I'm on the second plank i don't know if i did a mistake or not 




i saw in the inherent that pic below 




is it ok to plank like the second pic or i have to change the way

to horizontal

the problem is if i will change it to horizontal i mean the first strip from above its not going to sit good on the first plank because the angle 

please i need your Advice


thank you


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Michael, I'd be removing the lower planks then doing as Druxey says - check out the planking articles. Also look at the gallery of completed builds so you can see what the bow should look like. You really need some tapering of those planks, both fore and aft for it to look the goods.

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