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I recall seeing a chart relating the length of oars and their parts for various sizes and descriptions of small boats, but I can't remember if it was on MSW 1.0 or somewhere else.


I'm looking for information on the oars for a 30 ft longboat or launch of twelve oars for my Esmeralda build.


Can anyone help me with this?

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Yes I recall an article published on MSW1.



"Below is an account found in The Art Making Masts, Yards, Gaffs, Booms, Blocks and Oars as Practised in the Royal Navy and According to the Most Approved Methods in the Merchant Service, 2nd edition, printed for Steel and Goddard, London, 1816."


I don't recall who originally posted it, but I'll send it to you as a pm attachment.



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Taken from a table in Euryalus Vol II, quoting the same book as Blue Ensign

(I'm not sure what all the numbers mean, just taking it from the table in the book :) )


30 foot  barge

Sweep 21 foot


Handle 1 foot

Loom 8 foot 6 inch

Body 4 foot 6 inch

Blade 7 foot


Loom: Blade 7 foot, 4 inch square


broad - innner 3 1/8", outer 6 1/4",

Thick - inner 2 7/8", outer 7/8"

Handle 1 3/4" diameter

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Thank you, John, BE and robbl, for your assistance. With a source for the oar length and dimensions of the blade I googled The Art of Making... (Steel), found the book on Amazon which had the book available on line for perusal, found the tables and got the information I needed.


Here's the result, made from 32 gauge wire with the blades peened, in the process of being painted. The oars are for the two ship's boats in my avatar, posed on a US cent.




Thanks again for your help.

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