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Any Ideas for ordering model ship fittings in the USA?

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I'm a bit dumb founded here, I have been checking on-line for ship model fittings sources in the U.S. and I'm finding very few. Where have all the modeling sources gone, what has happened to Model Expo? I went to their site, where I have dropped thousands and probably closer to tens of thousands of dollars over the years and was stunned at the lack of offerings from ship model fittings to kits. I've been out of model building for about 10 years, but I didn't expect this drastic of a decline. Heck, when I was heavy into modeling, there weren't all of these cool resource sites like this one, the only one that I can remember quite a bit was the Model Shipways forums and chat room, which I spent quite a bit of time in. But back then, there wasn't the amount of modelers that there are today, they were few and far between or at least it seemed that way to me.


So anyway, anyone have any fairly local resources for ship model fittings in the U.S. I hate to order from Cornwall in England, but they seem to have quite a few resources over seas than what we do here. Let me clarify that I don't have any issues with Cornwall, I would just rather keep my spending closer to home and help out the not so local economy.  





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Seems to me that this topic popped up a few weeks back.  Bluejacket and Amati were mentioned.  Check out "Ages of Sail", a sponsor/vendor on the front page.

Chuck Seiler
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Plus there's always eBay but not as much fun as browsing an old Model Expo catalogue!




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