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Bow Sander

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The directions for my current model recommended that I use a bow sander for uniformly shaping the bow and even fairing the hull.  Is this something I should have in my rucksack and don't?  Does one buy this or make it?  Changeable sanding grades I would suppose.


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Chuck A.


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g'day mate,

                   if your build is a P.O.B. model i personally always use balsa fillers between the first 2 -3 bulkheads on

the bow and also shape the stern section this way as well. using balsa i can achieve a desired contour on both

area's using 120 grit sandpaper. don't worry too much if its not perfect as the first layer planking (assuming of

course its double planked) will give you a better idea of "the look" before you do final planking. this is the stage

of the build why God created filler.


cheers chris

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Here's a link to making one: http://www.ehow.com/...bow-sander.html  

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