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R.A. Principe De La Paz by Harvey1847 - 1803 - Spanish 74 (POF 1/48)

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A brife introduction and some thoughts…


While trying to put together all the info and starting the new log here I searched for the CD of the MNM yesterday and the date wrote on it was January 2012. Therefore I started this project more or less around those days.


MNM is the acronym for Naval Museum of Madrid. They used to be able to sell you plans and prints for one euro plus two euros for the CD but they do not do it anymore. Something that I don´t understand at all. It is totally a shame because we have an enormous Public Record Office with thousands of files and prints already scanned that should be able to be consulted by all and specially the enthusiast modelers around the World and here in Spain. It should be like the National Naval Museum in UK for example. It was once but not anymore.


The shipwright was Julian Martin De Retamosa (1747 -1827) one of the latest shipwrights or the Real Armada and known for building the best ships of the Real Navy in this last period. Spain had lost years ago the supremacy of the seas and was no able to build ships of the line at the rate of other navies do like French or specially the Royal Navy which has become the first world power. Never the less from 1790 to 1800 only three 74´s and seven frigates were built.


The print I have is dated at Madrid on 1803 and as you can see the name is not on the list above so I assume it is a draft that never went to a good end. That´s what encourage me more, to actually build a ship that is unique and do it totally from scratch. The plans and the model.


Since English it´s not my mother tongue I am writing on word, then copy and pasting. A single post takes me a while. I´ll be updating the log from time to time trying to put all the info the best I can but trying to explain the way I draw the draft and no boring you guys with lots of literature.


Wish me luck!



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The pdf´s attached are only the progress till now.


I have drawn 16 water lines separate 3 feet parallel to the top of the keel so I have 16 points to check on every frame. One frame takes me about two hours and when I get bored I draw other parts of the sheer plan.


The widths and moulded widths are from the 1784 Joseph Romero Fernandez De Landa vademecum. It also includes all the different pieces necessary to build ships of 100, 74, 64 and frigates of 34, minor frigates and boats and more. This vademecum is quite cheap (12€) and “rough”. It has no half breadth plan or sheer plan nor a general body plan for the different types of ships. So… you have to kind of “invent” how the hek all the pieces were fixed together. You have also to decide the scarfs on the pieces.


The book was intended to show the pieces to be cut on the forest with extra wood to drag them to the shipyard, especially huge pieces like the stem.


I am also using the book “The ship of 68 guns from 1752” (Isidro Rivera 2012 ISBN 13: 978-84-615-3821-8 (Spanish, no English edition). Pretty useful in order to follow a hypothesis of construction, for example the keel. This book shows how a ship is built following the rules of the English shipwrights. Retamosa follows the rules of the French but I can “extrapolate” some concepts. I have contacted with the author to see if he can clarify me lots of doubts about. Hope to meet him in a month or so…  


For example the scarfs on the keel were horizontal not vertical like on the HMS Triton or the HMS Victory. It has also 2 shoe keels. Slightly differences that have to be checked to end with a true model from that period.


If any of you have some info about the keel or the things I have wrote do not hesitate and post it here. Would be very apreciate it.


Enjoy the week!




pdf_30_10_14_cant fr.pdf

pdf_30_10_14_cant fr HB.pdf

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Good luck with your project, Daniel.  I look forward to it.



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Still alive and drawing... now with the fore cant frames...




The draft takes a lot of effort,,, actually I think is much more or less the same effort than actually building the ship on a log. Lots of tedious work and repeating lines and more lines.


We´ll see.



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