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  1. Hello Jack! Regarding the issue about the photo etching plates. Why don´t you give a try yourself? As Mark has said on Amazon you have most of the equipment you´ll need. The most important for me is the isolation film or sprays to put on the metal plate. Try to find some art shop or a "registrato". I´m sure they´ll tell you where to get the copper (in role or plates) and the acids to actually etch the metal. There´s a tutorial here on MSW an a lot more on inet... Good luck Jack! Daniel.
  2. Beautiful lines Christian!! Are you actually meausuring the hull and translating those to your CAD draws? Specially on the stern and fashion pieces. Willing to see all those ribs together when you´ll start with the POF work. Best wishes and happy summer! Daniel.
  3. Hello all! Still waiting for the answer about the question of the mizzen mast... Druxey, Mark, Jürgen... and all! Anyway, Here´s a pic of the Triton taked on June 18th 2014 And here´s a of how she have changed. I´m pretty happy cause now I can see the "final" shape of the ship. Cutting the frames was kind of a nightmare... almost everything started to crack so I have had to quote every single piece with a pencil an then stick them to the frames with tape or to see where I have to re-glue... Hope to work some more on Easter! daniel.
  4. Looking good Piet! I am with George... Can´t wait to see her on and the beautyful pictures you´ll take! Best wishes! p.s. Beautyful hammer. If we were neighbours I would borrow it for sure from you.
  5. Hello All! A big and small update... I am working with the interior of the hold to trying to move on '¡?... Trying to finish all the breast hooks and the masts steps. I got a question, Does the mizzen mast rest on the keel or on the lower deck? on two huge carlings? # 3 - 4 counting from the stern to the stem. (see the pdf) Anyway, I have started to cut all the frames and I have made a hand saw out of a square piece of wood (15x15mm) and then cast the whole thing with resin. It´s pretty useful, not fancy but it works. I have attached lots of pics just to remind me where I have to cut more or less. Like a "diary". Also I have attached the pdf I made on its day to meassure all the dots from the wale to the top rail. the pdf... keel_frames_decks_PS_100.pdf Best wishes! Daniel.
  6. And another one that goes to the space!! My best wishes and happy modelling! Daniel.
  7. Thanks for the answers... Druxey, Pretty simple answer yours... (with respect). The problem of purchasing Byrnes plate is the price. I emailed him a year ago and the plate was 25 bugs plus another 50 for the delivery. (75 $ total) And I can not see any difference between my plate and the Byrne´s one. At the end, I think, is a thick piece of metal bored in the same way as Byrnes. Any zoom or closeup pics of the holes on both sides would be apreciated to light up your point. Mark, You are right! I was pulling out from the wrong side I guess. Now I think is working better but I´m going to assume that from a 50cm long strip I am going to end with several 10 or 5cm long. And be more patience I guess. I´ll spend the whole afternoon only shaping with the plate to see how small dia. I can get. My aim is to get 0.7mm treenails. Thank you Guys! daniel.
  8. Hello All and happy Carnival! Here are the pics of the stern completed. The whole set is so weak that first I tried to treenail* the posts to the fashion timber but I broke the only 1mm bit I have. I´ll have to buy another one or five or ten of them... Anyway, I have glued 4 strips at the position where the taffarel will be. By doing this I hope to "protect" this area from the accidents I have seen on other logs. The unplanked stern is extremly weak. As you can see I have moved the pine block 3 mm out. For the other two posts I moved it another 3mm... Happy weekend ahead, Daniel. p.s. Treenailing: DO YOU HAVE any TRICK or something for the treenailing??? I can not get a strip less than 1mm diameter!! The strip keeps braking and cracking when I try to pull it out. I have used twicers, my fingers, my nails... but nothing. The wood I´m using is walnut but I have tried bamboo sticks and maple. Please help me here. Any tutorial or video would be apreciated. I went till number #11 on the plate. On page #10, post #141 are the details about the plate. Do I have to wet the strips first, more patience, ??
  9. Hello Wefalk! I have read your entire log till now, took me about an hour or more and one thing is for sure... Excellent log! Daniel.
  10. Thank you Piet! The hatches look awesome and heavy. Were they hand operated by one or two sailors or did they use the loading boom? Happy Friday!
  11. Hello Piet! Let me just quote some of your words... But we, the yuns around, don´t want to keep the things quiet and simple! Your Scratch skills are far beyond to make the things easier... I doubt if I could make such a precise work even out of a comercial kit. I have never thought about modelling a sub but after looking to your log for years now, who knows... Willing to see the dingy inside the hull with the door -gates closed. She looks pretty big on the deck. Like she is not going to fit... Have you tried it? Best wishes Piet! daniel.
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