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  1. Hi Will, your frames are looking particularly good. Using the bolt holes to align the frames works well. The frames seem to go a little faster when you see the hull taking shape. Mike
  2. Hi Karl, Die Hawse Hölzer sind sehr schön, ausgezeichnete Handwerkskunst kommt sie schön mit. mikro
  3. Hi Pat, Thanks, the ATOS books are a great resource but not perfect use with caution. As I understand storing the hammocks in the crane racks afforded the gunners protection against small arms fire. The hammock would stop musket balls during battles. I would think the crew would sleep on the upper deck during good weather, I know I would. Scratch building a pof ship model gives you a better understanding of the components of the actual ship. I would suggest a cross section for your first scratch build, they give you an idea of the time an effort it takes to make all your own pi
  4. Hi Frank, Thanks, I scanned then traced the drawings I needed to generate the modeling plans from the book Anatomy of the ship HMS Beagle using AutoCAD. I would recommend the book it has a lot of fine details you can add to your model. Mike
  5. Hi Mark, Thanks for the complement, if you go to modelshipbuild.com there is a post under jigs and things called Building board gantry type if you have any questions give me a shout. Mike
  6. The bow was looking awful plain so I added the bowsprit and gammoning, false rail, naval hood, wash cant, lower and main rails, and bumpkins. This is a few photos of the installation.
  7. The hammock netting is made from some plastic fabric I found at Hobby Lobby it was very stiff and difficult to install inside the cranes. To solve the problem I made a mold from basswood the same thickness as the inside of the cranes and twice the height. I marked lines at the distance to the top of the cranes on both sides of the mold and secured the slightly oversized netting with clamps then applied a diluted glue solution (4:1 water to glue). After the glue dried I used a straightedge and knife to cut the netting to size. The first photo shows the netting on the mold and the glue solution
  8. The hammock cranes looked like a good place to start after returning from the family vacation. This a few progress photos of the work so far. I cutout the blanks from Beachwood and drilled .8mm holes for the netting support rope (brass wire). I use a band saw to cut out the rough shape and finished with a square file. An ebony black stain was applied and they were installed on the model. The next step will be adding the netting and hammocks.
  9. Thanks Mark, The quarter galleries did look a little better after I rounded off the corners. They were a bit too thick also. The hard part was removing them from the side of the model. Mike
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