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  1. I am slowly selling wood I have collected over the years. Firstly some Boxwood. This wood in the main was felled in the late 1970's, and is of high quality with no splits or shakes, any knots - about two or three small, I have not included in the measurments. Total weight 9.5 kilos, with the following nominal sizes, all smaller than actual. All sizes in milimetres 28 x 28 x 295 - 16 pieces, 24 x 24 x 240 to 280 - 3 pieces. 24 x 24 x 390 - 1 piece, 38 x 45 x 245 - 4 pieces, 55 x 50 x 110 - 1 piece, 50 x 40 x 110 - 1 piece,
  2. Unfortunately I am having to cut down modelling using power tools, and have had to reorganise my hobbies to be more kit orientated. So I have the following books for sale: The Fully Framed Model, by David Antschert, and Greg Herbert Vols, I, II, III, and IV, all in mint condition. Complete with the plans set on mylar film, and the USB drive with PDF frame drawings to print. Price: £150.00 including delivery to UK mainland, other destinations by arrangement. The Naiad Frigate, by Edward J Tosti Vol 1 and Vol 2. Complete with the two C
  3. Hi, I'm sure other members will reply but being in this position 40 odd or so years ago I found Underhill's Plank on Frame Models Vol 1, and Longridge's The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships to be the most useful books to really appreciate initially how frames can be lifted from drawings. Both books are really towards the end of the spectrum of wooden shipbuilding and the actual differences in period is insignificant when appreciating how ships three dimensional shape is represented in the 2 dimensions. Both books give the introduction to start to understand Steel and other
  4. Hi Tom, this is all from memory, but there is a very useful book by David Lyons, who was the curator of the draft section at the Maritime museum. I think it is called The First Destroyers and was a rather interesting book with a lot of drawings and photo's of the first Torpedo deploying Destroyers. I have a vague idea I may have the book somewhere and I will advise if the book turns up. I am also pretty sure there was a detailed plan of an early destroyer from about 1906 in the flyleaf. I hope somebody will be able to provide more detail. Reg
  5. Hi Spyglass, yes so when you have cleared some of your problems, do feel free to contact me. I am not really interested in supplying wood 'wholesale' but I think you are 'just down the road' and I know that getting decent wood to the sizes you want is difficult. I so wish your wife and yourself the best for the future, king regards, Nick
  6. Hi Spyglass, I have today been reading you log and the problems with sourcing good reliable wood for a good build. I am not in trade or looking to make any money but I do have a quantity of appropriate model shipbuilding woods - Cherry, Box, Pear, Apple. This is the result of collecting timber over the last 35 years, and really it now will exceed expected usage for my planned models. I would be happy to mill (as they say) some Cherry or whatever to you size that may help you get going a bit easier, I mean chipped edge Box is just not on.
  7. Hi Adrie, you will find the 'instructions' refer to the non-laser cut frames, they are correct at 1mm. A really nice start, regards, Nick
  8. Hi Doug, I have just looked at you build log of the Leon, really very nice work. Years ago I discovered Underhill's work and was impressed that here was an amazing resource when such resources were non- existent apart from odd sources such as Davis. I eventually started re-drafting from poorly reproduced drafts and were what I felt was in places deviations from full size practice in order to produce and acceptable build in those days. the horn timbers were a case in point. That is not to say many lovely models have been produced. A member of this forum Jack Nastyface
  9. Hi Doug, I may be very very wrong but I recall that Leon had a beam shelf with chocks, rather than hanging knees. Cheers, Nick.
  10. Ben, thank you for this information. I have just ordered the sled, answers a real requirement for the Byrnes saw. Nick
  11. Hi All, I thought I had better bring this log a bit up to date. Well I am nearly, but not quite ready to resume the build log. Having followed the other builds on this forum, I do realise I will have to improve my build standards! So I have started again!! I will post as soon as I have something worth showing, as really it is just a repeat of my prior posts. So just to re-assure that I am not deserting the post! Regards, Nick.
  12. Dan, I really had to say what a wonderful model you are making and, and as such makes me want to get going on my Batory. Thank you for all the hints and tips you have given. Very inspirational, kind regards, Nick.
  13. Hi Danny, sorry I didn't notice your query very quickly. Yes I will be continuing the Batory - I won't put a date on it but should be over the next month. Life has a habit of throwing a few curved balls, and I seem to have had my share over the last 2 years or so. I have purely by chance met a card modeller from Poland, but unfortunately my Polish is about as good as his English. However it seems that the Polish forums consider the Batory difficult and some of the smaller parts virtually impossible to construct. We will see! I am finding the three ca
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