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Hi all

I've just purchased a copy of said programmer.

But I have absolutely no experience of using a cad program....where do I start? My ultimate aim is to translate a copy of the nmm plan for HMS cruiser into the program so I can plot and print out every single square and can't frame , plus all the other relevant timbers.

Some serious help is required as I am a total beginner at this. Any ideas?


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I would start with very simple shapes, like 2x4's or octagons anything with simple shapes and here's why. Starting with something simple will help you learn the controls and features of AUTOCAD. It will teach you where the icons are (if any) and it will help you learn the basic drawing tasks that you'll need to master to later draw your ship plans.


Do a search on youTube, there are numerous videos for beginners. As an extra, go to your local library and check out a high school drafting book and try to draw the simple projects they might have in the book. If you do any scroll work learn to draw your scroll patterns.


If you try and tackle something big and difficult, you'll get frustrated and discouraged. Don't be in a hurry and just take your time. It might take you a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of months to master enough of autocad to start your ship plans.

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Hello Mick.


What everyone else says. But TurboCAD is a good choice if you have the desire to truly go forward. As a program, it has many layers of difficulty, like an onion. I know many people, like myself, who have started using it in its simplist form and who have gone on to its deeper and darker aspects. I use it as a tool to do drawings for patent applications; brainless, I know, but a good basic tool. But the point is it has the ability to go from grade-school to grad-school.


My sister uses it to design piping runs for nuclear submarines for Electric Boat. She uses it to get it right and then ports it over to the oh so ancient, but oh so classified, 4 generations ago Navy design program. So it can be a serious professional application, too. Just don't dive in too far on the first pass. Patience, patience, patience. A program will not do "it" for you, unless you are already familiar with the paradigm and simply want validation. Garbage-in, garbage-out, is a hard and fast rule. So just relax, and open the book at page 1. It will take a bit of time, but if you are righteous, all will be revealed, in time.


I'm a TurboCAD user for these sorts of applications. If you have questions, shoot me a note. I'll help best I can.



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