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Saint Malo by Div - Artesania Latina - First wooden build - SMALL

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Thanks for the warm welcome, I am sorry it took so long to start this log.


I have decided to start with a small beginners model as there is alot to learn.


Starting with a picture of the box and contents, and the frame (bulkheads) which fits nicely, after some sanding, into a holder as part of the kit.post-16228-0-64381000-1416056356_thumb.jpgpost-16228-0-76876300-1416056384_thumb.jpg

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There has been some progress the last while, I attached the deck to the frames and proceeded to plank the outside.








I cut and sanded the planks to size, and shaped the frame to prepare for the Hull planks, this is a clinker hull, so I will need to see about another small boat to practise the carvel method of planking a hull.





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It was a long week last week didn’t get much done during the week, but did get to pay a bit of attention to the Saint this week end.


Some of the pictures from last week.




I needed to start with a pre-cut strake that gives the upwards curve to the bow and stern, this needed to be bent to the form of the hull before gluing. I started by making a template of the required curve using magic tape and a pencil to trace the required line. This was then transferred to a sheet of thick paper and placed on a board.




I then soaked the planks and made a jig using the parts from an old door handle they seem to work well. While the glue was drying I shaped the second.




When the Glue was dry I  trimmed and sanded down the hull so far, fairing the planks for the next layer which will overlap slightly. I also measured and marked the position of the rest of the hull planks.

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I just happened to come across your build log of the Saint Malo. This was the first wooden boat I ever built also and introduced me to this great hobby. Did you ever finish this little model? 



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