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I bought this book as a reference to my current project, but have to say, it is a delight to read from many views.  It is based on the Lenox (70 gun)  which was the first of the 30 ship building program of 1677.  Anyone interested in the construction of ships from the late 17th century into the 18th century would be extremely happy to have this book as a reference and for a very interesting read in general. 


Richard Endsor has provided a great deal of history, his own drawings and paintings, many drawings by Willem Van de Veld the Elder and others, photos and more.  Richard was educated as an engineer and his attention to detail inherent with most engineers shows through, but his talent as an artist is something not to be missed.


I can go on and on but suffice it to say that I  am extremely pleased to have this in my library.



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I agree with your opinion of this book, Allan. Did you know there is a Lenox Project to raise funds for building a replica of her on the site where the original was built? See:




Richard Endsor is involved in this, naturally!

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I agree as well!  I have this book on my shelf, and it is a favorite.  The amount of information provided is outstanding including things like documentation of the productivity of the shipwrights in the yard, to a list of items needed to fit out the vessel.  A treasure to look at with all of the illustrations, and to read with all of the information provided.

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