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  1. Thank you to all who checked out round 2 of the Crown Timberyard closing sale! There are a few items left including: Large Maple Block (bright white wood and straight clear grain) perfect for strips or masts Large Mahogany Block Large Holly Block (bright white little to no visible grain on half the block Decorative Big Leaf Maple Veneer Sheets (set of two) Two sets of beautiful quarter sawn cherry sheets at 50" long. These sheets have the approximate color of pear and straight grain for their entire length. Great for extra long strips. Additio
  2. The store is open again with new stock. Please check it out! Crowntimberyard.com Boxwood billets will be added later today. The price is $24.50 / board foot plus shipping. Have a great day everyone.
  3. Hi Everyone, Latest news on the Crown Timberyard closing sale. The web store is currently sold out of everything, a huge thank you to all who purchased what we had. For those of you who have been messaging and emailing me to ask if there is more, the answer is yes! On Monday 7/1/2019 the website will be restocked with more boxwood sheets, walnut sheets, and blocks of boxwood, pear, holly, mahogany, walnut, and maple. Additionally, I am going to make the 10/4 boxwood billets available via the website. I have sold about a third of what I have, but I want to unload the res
  4. Hi Everyone, Thank you so very much for the really generous support of the closing sale. I was really surprised when I got home from work and saw how quickly everything went. Julia was adding blocks throughout the day, but as some of you said they went fast! I have a few updates as follows: 1: The Boxwood Billets: I did not intend to put these directly on the site. I have had several people reach out to me including one who would like to buy the lot. I will be contacting everyone who has expressed interest and work out the fairest deal, with a good mind towa
  5. Update: 8:00am 6/24: It appears that the host server for the Crown Timberyard website is down. I will try to pull it up and open the store throughout the day. There is always something...
  6. Hi Everyone, The store is reopening on the morning of 6/24 with all of our current sheet and strip material (assorted) plus a few other items for sale. Most of the lumber (boxwood and pear) will be added throughout the day. Thanks a lot and I hope that everybody gets a chance to stock up on a bunch of wood. Jason
  7. Bribery... 😁 He's a good kid, but most dads would say that. Here is just a peek at what is coming on Monday. Excuse the poor photography. The 10/4 boxwood lumber will be offered at the special wholesale price that I purchased it. Also, I found one last Boxwood deck upgrade for the MSW Syren that was hanging out in the corner of my office. It will be for sale too. There are a lot more item, especially small lumber available. I am weeding out anything that has any significant defects so all the small lumber will be premium stuff.
  8. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it! I will be posting pictures of some of the wood to be sold next week over the weekend. All sales will be through the website. Emails are welcome, just please know that an immediate response may not be possible. Julia will be handling the orders as they come, and our son will be packaging them. The pictures below are the whole crew.
  9. Hi Jason


    What is the price of the 10/4 billets of Castello?  I am thinking I would like to purchase two of these if still available.    Where are you in Pittsburgh?  I was raised in  South Hills (Baldwin High School '65) and my wife and kids were all born in Pittsburgh.  We all bleed black and gold as do all of our grandkids.  Thanks   My email is allanyed6469@gmail.com



    1. Jason


      Hi Allan,


      I would like to sell the boxwood for what I paid for it, which is the wholesale rate from Gilmer. $24.00/bf. I think that they are currently charging $40. I still have the whole pile sitting there. We live in Upper St. Clair, so not too far from where you grew up! I grew up in Slippery Rock, and my Wife is from Upper St. Clair. 


      You were the first one to contact me about the boxwood, so the first choice is yours.





  10. Hi, This is Jason from Crown Timberyard. After 4 years of offering fine milled hardwoods to the model ship builder, musical instrument maker, woodworker, miniature artist, and hobbyist around the globe, it is time to close the virtual doors. In the last few years, my family has grown from 2 kids to 4, my career has gone from senior engineer to director of operations, and my volunteer commitments have grown. It has come to the point where if I am in the shop, I am not with the kids as they grow up. As I am sure many of you know, that time doesn't last and doesn't come back.
  11. This is the Model Shipways kit designed by Chuck Passaro built in Swiss Pear and Holly. I learned a lot building this model and made a few mistakes. I spiled the planking, but did not line off the hull leading to a very uneven run of planking. However, over all I am very pleased with the outcome as a learning exercise. The case is made by me out of Tiger Maple, Swiss Pear and Big Leaf Maple finished with Danish oil protected by wipe on poly. The display spindles are made from multiple layers of brass tube.
  12. Hello Kevin, These videos are amazing! I have only watched the first one and the last one so far, but as an indication of the whole, excellent work! Your videos are a fantastic resource for other model builders. I look forward to watching the rest.
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