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HMS Triton (Cross Section) by Jason 1:48

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Now I've completed my Constellation I am in mourning and in need of another project to keep my hands busy.

With the help of a few moderators I've stumbled upon this thread and want to join the party.


I'm going to be building this as I build everything; on my coffee table with a dremel and a smile. I don't have all the fancy workshop gear some of you guys have so I'm sure I'll need some creative help.


I tried making a keelson with a treenail joint just for fun. But I have a spare in case I don't end up liking it.


Requesting access to the rest of the plans.


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I know I have seen it on one of these logs but could someone advise me as to how the different parts of the frames would have been fastened together on a real ship? Pegs? Treenails? cast iron? or were the frames all one big ol piece of timber?

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The frames are pretty much made of smaller timbers the way the plans show except they also used chocks.  You might go to the scratch build area and have a look at EdT's Naiad:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/232-hms-naiad-by-edt-160-frigate-38-1797/page-1?hl=naiad or any of the Swan class scratches such as Danny Vada's Vulture:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/230-hms-vulture-by-dan-vadas-1776-148-scale-16-gun-swan-class-sloop-from-tffm-plans/ or Toni's Atalanta:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/198-hms-atalanta-by-tlevine-1775-148-scale-from-tffm-plans/


Wooden treenail and iron bolts were used.  Also look at some of the other logs (not mine as didn't do treenails) in the Triton area. Such as EWEK's, Rusty's, Rafine's, bbrockel's, scottacus's and pete38.  You might want to get a quick look at the others just in case I missed some of the ones that are finished.

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Thanks, I will do that. I browsed through a lot of great work the other night but there are just so many on here. Which is a great problem to have!


This page by Dan V is exactly what I was looking for:




A couple really good views of how I might simulate the fasteners on those frames.


As I amend this post a third time I want to say that as a guy who has only built a few things all from kit this Dan Vadas gentleman is my modeling hero and this HMS Vulture build I just trolled through every page of is the most incredible thing I've ever seen.

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