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Plastic Kit for Beginner


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Hi everyone, I'm completely new to the ship building world and am very interested in getting started on my first model. Despite being new to the hobby, I know that construction difficulty varies depending on the type of boat. Which plastic kit would you recommend for a first time build? All help is greatly appreciated.

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Personally, I would recommend the Revell 1/50 scale Viking Ship as a great first ship model. It is a fairly good representation of the Gokstad ship and a fairly easy build. It runs about $30 USD and you can get it online on evilBay or hobby dealers if there is not a local hobby shop nearby.


The rigging is simple, the detailing is really nice considering the age and you can bring these out with washes. This was my first build after a 40 year hiatus.







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Ask yourself: 1) What kind of ships am I interested in?  2) How much room do I have to work in?  3) How much room will I have to display my finished model?  5) How much do I have to spend (for both kit and tools)?


Answering these few questions will give us a much better idea on what to recommend.



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Thanks for the feedback Steve and ccoyle!


It might sound crazy, but I have an interest in commercial shipping. However, I've noticed model shipbuilding is heavily focused on naval vessels.


I have the room to work with most scaled models, but not really the space to display them. Most display areas are occupied by university books and soccer gear.


In terms of money to spend, it's not a huge amount as a student, but affording kits and the basic tools shouldn't be a problem.

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well then, I have to say im starting on plastic to find my way around ship modeling, and working at the same time with Elsie and Sultana.  Ive done a lot of armor and must commend docidle on his washes, that's terrific stuff, and off to ccoyle, I think I might find Clint Eastwood and the Baxters around that thread somewhere.......gringo

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