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I use white carpenters wood glue and also super glue for some fiddly bits. 


Same as Brian, I use almost exclusively PVA.  I have used CA to stiffen up small or fragile pieces but this can discolour/darken the print.


The brand I use comes in both interior and exterior grades and find the interior better as it has a very slightly different viscosity.


I have been trying to find Aleene's tacky glue to try as it appears a lot of U.S. builders use this but haven't found it yet.


I can't use the clear stringy UHU glue that the majority of Europeans use.  The stringiness drives me nuts.




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I prefer UHU HART which hardens quickly (in about 30 seconds). If something went wrong a small amount of fresh applied glue softens the prior portion again a little and allows corrections. It does not put moisture on the cardboard and even big parts don´t shrink or bend too much. It hardens the edges. If gaps remain i normally close them with CA later. 



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I prefer to use Aleene's Original Tacky Glue. I find it has less moisture content than my Elmer's Wood Glue.

I also use limited amounts of Super glue when necessary.


No matter what glue you are using, experience has shown me that less is more, use the glue sparingly.

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