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bending planks on an old tin can

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i was looking for a cheap solution for bending planks. electric plank bender is too expensive for me (on very tight budget at the moment). cutting the planks with the hand tool is without the chance for me, im too clumsy and have wasted too many already.

so i resurected the old method of bending, by heat.

all i needed was an empty tin, tea candle light and cloth peg.

tin must be of small diameter, so it gets hot quickly, also allows you to do tighter curves.

planks can be bent in many ways, lateraly too. basically, with a bit of patience, you can twist the plank without breaking it...





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just be carefull guys, ive burned my fingertip quite badly that day. one would never beleive how hot it can get...  :P 

and just to clear any confusion, it is not my idea, i just pulled it out as there is not enough talk about plank bending. somebody have mentioned it even here, i just cannot find it at the moment. he also used it combined with steam iron, i found it is not necessary as heat given by candle light is enough to soften up the wood.

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