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HMS Victory by oscarwray - Model Space - Scale 1:84, Trafalger colors (First wooden ship build)

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Hello MSW! This is my first wooden ship and I wanted something that had lots of instructions before jumping off the deep end into something that just has plans and some vague instructions that assume I know lots of nautical terminology. I settled on the model space HMS victory. I like large models and this one is living up to my expectations. At nearly 50" long and 34" tall once complete, I was certain this would become the centerpiece of my house. 


For those not familiar with model space, each kit comes in monthly shipments. There are 12 installments for the Victory and each one comes with a rather detailed, full color, picture riddled magazine instruction set. Each installment is further subdivided into 10 packs. The first 4 months are mostly building the frame and planking the ship. Attached is a photo before I started planking. 


I am about 1/3-1/2 done with planking and will post some pictures this evening when I get home. 


I have also completed the launch and a few cannons as well as part of the main mast. Will post pics later today. 


This is my first wooden ship so frank feedback is welcomed!


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The hull. Gun ports cut out and entry ways cut open. Will be lining them next and planking the bottom of the hull. I have been putting it off for a month because I am scared of the complex curves I will have to make. Going to start back on her today or tomorrow and hope to have her complete this weekend. Three day weekend so one day will be spent in the workshop. 


This is my first time planking a hull. Had some issues at the stern that are going to require some filler and sanding but I am assuming that is normal. 









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New job and a move put things on hold but I am set up and back at it. Tackled the curvy planking and got 4 rows done. Had to use a dropper plank so a new skill was learned and it was neat to see. Some issues and some gaps but for my first planked ship I'm pleased. Lots of filling and sanding later once all is planked. On to lining the gun ports next. Please provide criticism or comments, I appreciate the feedback.



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Alright! Another Victory and another first time builder. You are off to a great start. I shall follow along.


Best, Ian

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Hello there 

    I see that you are also building the model space Victory so may I ask you question since Alan from the  model space takes a while to reply back, when you got to  planks 8 &9 after finishing plank 7 did you notice  as I did that they do not mention anything about not tapering plank 8 they only say you do not need to taper  plank 9 my question to you is did you taper plank 8 or not even the video left it out as well it only mention  plank 9 not having to taper also would like  ask you how when you was planking the bottom how did you go about making the tight bend in the stern area with out breaking the planks thank you 


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