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I'd say it's a personal choice myself, a scraper may potentially give a better finish, but needs greater skill in application - practice on scrap before going near a model.


You can buy cabinet makers scrapers from specialist wodworking suppliers, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You could also make them if you have tooling for cutting, grinding and hardening carbon steel.

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Hi Mike, one of the reasons is that sanding sometimes smears the caulking whereas scraping does not; I always scrape decks.


I use an old plane blade out of bullnose plane, but hobby knife chisel blades are good for tight areas. Generally I use the widest blade I can to cover the deck area to reduce the  possibility of digging into the deck.





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I use to good effect those stronger razor-like blades with re-inforced back (I believe they are also sold as blades for 'balsa'-planes). As they are ground from both sides at the cutting edge, these 'scrapers' don't seem to need a burr for cutting.


Steel wool gives a very nice satin finish on hard woods, but also leaves behind tiny fragments of steel that may be diffisult to remove from corners, between stanchions, etc.



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I have just this minute ordered a set of three scrapers and a burnishing tool.


My thanks to all who have replied and a special thanks to Richard for the link. I have printed off the instruction notes.



Mike, when you get your burnishing tool don't just think of it for use on the scrapers. Yes, you should use it to put a 'hook' on the edge of the scrapers and do that from time to time, but also use it to hone a sharp edge like chisels, etc. I have used the same straight scraper for more than thirty years building furniture and it is still going strong :) 

The main difference is that with cutting tools you don't want to have a 'hook'. So you have to hold it almost parallel with the edge you are honing.

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