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  1. I am developing a clamp that will go between the frames to hold the internal planks. This is my first attempt that i will refine over time
  2. Hi Hal the dowel tool comes from Vander lay Industries . Here is the link http://vanda-layindustries.com/html/treenail_instructions.html
  3. Great idea about the knurled screws but they will be almost impossible to find here in Trinidad. I do have washers on the screws. The wood is an extreamly hard wood which i threaded then put CA so it should last a while. I am in New York next month and will try to find the screws.
  4. Greg was the end of the second limber strake also thinned to 2” over 9ft and was the end tapered over 9ft
  5. Haha, it can’t get any worst than my path. But you know something, the journey has been fantastic and my skills have improved as I get past each challenge, each screw up and perhaps more important, ever time I get it right the first time. Kevin
  6. Its so great to be following you in my build. I cant tell you how much i learned from following your progress.
  7. I just like epoxy for major strength pieces. I am a big boat builder and cant get epoxy out of my system. I could have cut it out but the truth is i was able to solve the problem.
  8. This is an excellent video on building a real life stern assembly.
  9. Hi Greg we have huge swings in Humidity which is why i like to use epoxy when ever possible. Having said that i have not had any problems with the 9 models i have built so far. I feel that it is because i dry my wood for at least two years before using. I had not planned to fill the bottom space between the frames. If you feel it is essential i can still do this with difficulty. My memory of Davids view was that this was optional so i did not plan to add the fillers pieces as the entire model will be planked. His referance is book 1 page 164 3.26. Perhaps what made me not want to do this is that for whatever reason the spaces between the frames were all over the place. It sould have been a real pain. Ill go back and look at Bens post. Assuming that i do not add them i will continue to build the inner limber stakes, the mast steps hooks and the crutch. Then i plan to go to the wale and plank up to the deck. I do not plan to install rib bands as they would be tempory at best.
  10. I had purchased this off one of tje modeling sites, cant remember which one that seems to work sort of good. Not sure what it is but it does not smell.
  11. Thank you for your kind comments Bill. The sole purpose of my videos is to help other modelers and encourage new modelers to take the plung. My modeling skills continue to improve as I take the constant plung into the unknown. Never ceases to amaze me that things that seemed so impossible, end up being so simple when we learn just how to make it. The Sultana is a great model that I know that you will enjoy building. Stick to it. Best regards Kevin
  12. Thanks Ben ive got the five pieces completed starting from the back with only three pieces having to be remade. Now on the stemson and struggling to line it up. Nice idea about black nylon fishing line.

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