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  1. Happy Holidays to all, As a newbie who is resurrecting an old AL Swift kit I have come to the point at which the deck is complete and much of the deck furniture and cabins are ready to go. The question is whether to apply finish to the deck first and then attach the cabins, furniture and fittings or vice versa. I think I will get the best results from the finish if it is applied first. I am concerned it will then be difficult to glue anything to the finished surface. I am planning to use a Rub On Satin Poly but might go with a Tung Oil. Just wondering how the more experienced builders approach this portion of the build. Thanks for all the great advice. Chuck
  2. What is the best way to create gunports? I have been reading the practicum for Syren which suggests cutting the planking to size and shape in order to create the gunports. On the other hand, many of the build logs (for the Syren and other models) have described the technique of planking over the gunports and then cutting the opening. Just wondering whether there is a consensus. What have others found to be the pros and cons of each technique. Thanks Chuck
  3. Thanks everybody for the advice. I think I will try working with the wood provided with the kit for now. I am trying to use this kit as skill building project. Will try to develop some sort of jig for holding the strips for sanding - and take it slow. Chuck
  4. I am fairly new to the forum and have read extensively. This is a great resource and has been tremendously helpful. I am in the process of resurrecting an Artesania Latina Swift Model which I started and abandoned about 15 years ago. I am in the process of applying the second planking. The kit provides walnut planking which is 5mm x 0.6 mm. I understand the theory behind shaping and tapering the planks and did a fair job on the first layer many years ago. I am finding it difficult to sand the second planks to a final shape because they are so thin. It is very difficult to sand the edge in order to fine tune the final shape - the wood seems to be too flimsy to stand up sandpaper applied to the edge. I am trying to minimize gaps and the need for filler as I would like to leave the hull natural with a "poly" coating. Are there any suggestions or techniques to help? BTW - once I get myself organized and master the photography I will start a build log - if not for this model at least for my next. Thanks to all Chuck