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  1. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    I have decided to take a break from model ship building and build an aircraft. As it is not a ship I won´t put the log in the ship section. I hope it is ok to put it here as this is the "general topic" section as I understand it. I also understand that people visit this website to view modelships and not aircraft but maybe someone might find this of interest. It makes more sense, to me, to post here than to become a new member of some other site. I hope it it ok but if it is not admin can just move the log to a more correct place or remove it altogether. Anyway. The model I´m building is Model Airways 1:16 Fokker Dr 1 triplane. the aircraft flown by the red baron Von Richthofen. I have started to construct the main spar of the upper wing. Instructions are so far good but sometimes a bit unclear. For example the spar is made up by four parts glued together to form a beam. As I understand it the two parts making up the "thickness" of the beam is to be glued on top of the lower part. But it could be glued to the front and back also thus making the spar slightly longer and thinner instead of slightly shorter and thicker. Looking at the pictures gives some indication but I would have preferred one extra sentence explaining this. My little building corner. I wish it was much bigger, it kind of limits ( I think) the size of ships that can practically be built) Some pictures of the drawings
  2. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    I must correct myself. There were very clear and specific instructions on how to build the pulleys. It was just me who could not read... I found it a bit strange as the instructions so far have been very good, that they would have missed this part so to speak. So I went back today to the building instructions for the upper wing and there, of course, everything was spelled out in the last section... I cannot believe how I could´ve missed it. Well, well no big deal, everything is going according to plan.
  3. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    I noticed that I had not properly finished the upper wing. Or more to the point, I had not done the wire and pulley system as I did not find how to do it in the instructions. Fortunately I bought the book "Fokker Dr I, The Aces´Aircraft" by Kowalski and Rýs. A great book! Many thanks to the people who made me aware of the book. The last picture is taken from that book. There I found out how the system was too look. And finally I knew what to use the small discs/wheels that were included in the kit for. There is instructions on how to build the wing and how to run the cables correctly but not how to build the pulleys themselves. Or at least I cannot find it. Anyway. Since this update I´ve attached the wheels into the metal holders on the wings themselves. I used flathead pins/nails to keep the wheel in place. Also on the outer pulleys there are two wheels there are two wires, one to raise the aileron and one to lower it. To get some space between the two wheels I used left over parts from the fuselage. I took the "Roman Screw" that were for the wiring in the fuselage and used only the "ring part". One wheel, a ring and the other wheel like a sandwich so to speak. This way the wheels are separated in height from each other. It was quite fiddely but I got it in the end. In the first picture you can see one of the "Roman Screws" and above it one of the rings I cut loose from it. Next update will show some pictures of the result.
  4. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Doing some work on the cockpit area. I´ve also sprayed the struts for the upper wing. But the paint "ran" so I had to soak them in solvent to clean it off and spray them again.
  5. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Absolutely beautiful! Great build and very well executed! I´m impressed
  6. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    The engine cowling is preshaped! It comes in the kit just like you see it. The flat part you refer to might be the firewall between the engine and the rest of the aircraft? You should have had the engine cowl in the kit. If it is not there you should ask for a replacement. Thanks for your kind words😀
  7. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    The only reason for a fighter to exist is to shoot down enemy aircraft. So now finally it is a fighter! To quote the man himself: "Find the enemy and shoot him down, anything else is nonsense". So the MG:s are installed. The fit was ok but they do not line up perfectly with either the ammo chutes or the spent cartridge collectors. I will either have to bend these parts a bit or add some small parts in-between the chutes and MG:s. In this picture the engine cowling is installed but I just jury fit it. I have not decided if I should have on, in which case it will cover most of the engine or leave it off so to show off the work on the engine. Also I don´t know if I should paint it red. I like the look of the aluminum and it might be a bit difficult to get it covered with a nice even coat of red but red would certainly also look very very nice... Tough choices
  8. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Slowly each piece is assembled. This is the right plywood "cheek" it did not hold the bend after soaking it and letting it dry taped to a bottle, so I glued two ribs to the inside. This worked fine. I used the same method for the part behind the cockpit. I will only put on right side "cheek" in place. I´ll leave the left side open to show the interior. After this I´ll mount the machine guns. Right now building is slow as the pieces need to be put in place and glued and then the glue needs to set before I can go on. So it is basically ten minutes of work and a few hours of drying time.
  9. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    An infinitely small step for mankind but a fairly good sized step for me in building. Back with some pictures! After finishing a commission job and lots to do at work I could finally do some work just for myself and fun. I added the cover for the fuel gauge, the plywood piece behind the cockpit and have test fitted the padding around the cockpit opening. It feels good to be back
  10. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Some commission painting is taking up my spare time for the moment. So my own hobby projects must stand back for a while. But like a well known character says; "I´ll be back"
  11. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    This long in the process I find the model a nice build. All parts fit together reasonable well. I say reasonable as there is quite a lot of measuring, cutting and gluing. Along the way each 1/10mm mistake in measuring adds up and in the end the subassemblies are sometime hard to fit together. That is not the models fault it is mine. The aluminum sheets over the front of the aircraft are excellent examples of this. I had to cut them up quite a lot to make them fit. Its no big deal but a little annoying when things neeeearly fits. Anyway its a nice build and I have learned a lot so far how WWI aircraft were built and how rudders and such work. But. I must say that if I wanted an really accurate and "correct" looking model I would buy an injection moulded plastic model kit. But this kit with all the interior is just so awesome!
  12. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    A quick update. A two metal sheets mounted in place. Third one waiting. Building is still going a bit slow, I´m not getting "quality time" building just minutes here and there. Enough to test fit and att one part during an entire day or something like that. So I´m just posting so you know I´m still building
  13. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    After very slow progress during summer (which is good) I started a bit today. I´ve had some trouble attaching the landing gear to the fuselage. The fit was a bit too tight for the pegs on the landing gear to fit into the slots on the fuselage. After some extra sanding, bending and generally forcing things into place it finally fitted! Now it looks like it could actually take off. Well apart from no engine and an assortment of other things From next week there will be more regular updates. Then everything will be back to normal.
  14. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Ha ha now I noticed that the "practice pictures " I uploaded to learn how to upload showed! I added them and quickly removed them, I thought... Well yes the gas is quite expensive. Well not that expensive but lots of tax. It is the price of gas and then a special "gasoline tax". After that 25% VAT is added. So a tax on tax so to speak, a Swedish speciality... And no more photo bucket.
  15. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Some pictures finally! They are not that good but ok. I took them fairly quick just to get some pictures up. Some more vacation coming up so no time to build or update for a few weeks. But these are hopefully better than nothing. So whats left? Well attaching the upper wing, attaching the landing gear (which is causing some trouble as the space between the wings and the body is too tight for the landing gear struts to fit. Will have to do some thinking there. I got a nice tight fit between the lower wing and body only to find out that it is too tight for the landing gear...) Then there is some covers over the "engine compartment" and attaching the wires for the ailerons. Oh, must not forget the raison etre for a fighter, getting the Spandaus in place! Then it should, more or less, be finished. So maybe some time in October
  16. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Got some more building done today. The middle wing is attached and the wing struts between the middle and lower wing is done and one is attached. The wing struts I made after the wings were attached as the distance between the two wings can vary. No use cutting them to size according to instructions and finding them too short (too long doesn't matter as the can be made shorter) and unusable. Better to do everything when the wings are in place and the distance between the two are known. As soon as the other wing strut is attached I will attach the landing gear sub assembly. I have left the rotary engine off for the moment as it is very heavy, being all white metal. Easier to work with the model the lighter it is.
  17. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Looking back in this building log every picture of mine is replaced by the photo bucket P500 updating info picture... I thought that it would only affect the pictures added not the "old pictures" so to speak. Checking my other building logs shows the same image. I guess every picture I have ever uploaded from photo bucket is replaced. So in a way they are holding "my" pictures hostage. Its only logical of course and I understand the business rational of it but to quote a friend of mine "this is not cricket".
  18. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    I started to use photo bucket maybe 15 ys ago as it was convenient and have used it since. But no way I will upgrade to a PLUS500 package for ( I think it was) 399 USD per year... I fully understand why they choose to go this way but I´m not interested. I guess I just have to learn how to upload directly to MSW. I have many skills but computers is not one of them so I guess I´ll have to learn. Don´t worry though, there will be pictures!
  19. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Did some building today. I attached the lower wing and and have test fitted the middle wing. I took a picture to share but found out that photo bucket have changed the conditions so I can no longer share the pictures. I either have to find out out how pay them or find a new place to store photos where I can share them. So not much of an update without pictures
  20. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Strange. I checked with my wings and drawings. I built the aileron according to the size of Sheet D. Here the aileron is at the top in the middle. My ailerons match the size on the drawing. I checked my wings to the drawings and my wings are basically the same. They differ maybe 2-3 millimeters from the drawings. Have you built all the wings? The top wing should (of course) be the biggest/longest and the most lower wing the shortest. Maybe you can rebuild the ailerons to match? Keep the wing and make the aileron a bit shorter so it fits? This is weird, I can´t let it go
  21. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    The wingspars are of different length for the different wings. If all the wing spars (all six, three left wings and three right wings) are of equal length maybe you have gotten a "bad" kit where they have put three sets of one wingspan for one wing instead of one set each for the three wings? My guess is that you have taken the wrong wing spars (for example the lower wing spars instead of the upper wing spar) and built the upper wing with the lower wing spar. I built it on my table and had the drawings to my side but I checked frequently against the drawings. I checked, double checked and triple checked and then glued. Still I made mistakes and sometimes were saved by dumb luck... So my only advice is to really check carefully and measure everything before gluing. Also to keep the building area clean of other parts. But what ever mistake you did don´t worry, I´m sure Model Airways will help you and your building skills are very good. Even if the wing is wrong it looks very good!
  22. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    Hmm, as you say the aileron is the correct size. I don´t think you have used the wrong spar, top wing is WW16 - WW18. It seems like you have used the correct ones but double check this. Is it possible that you have used the wrong spars (maybe from the lower wing) AND turned them the wrong way, that is the "wing tip end" is towards the center of the aircraft? looking at the drawing the ribs match in the middle but deviates from the drawing further out on the wings. Does this help? But looking from the bright side your building skills are very good! nice work on both the wing and the ailerons Another good thing is that Model airways will most likely send you new parts if you have built it wrong. it means a longer time until the model is finished and lots of extra work but, building is the hobby!
  23. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    A short update from the beach, well almost The pilots seat is in place. I have also done all of the wiring (except one cable!) for the engine and the controls. Lots of wires going here and there and not much space to work in. Sometimes I would have needed a mutated third and fourth hand. But now it is almost done. Just one cable from the engine to the magneto left! The fuel gauge "face" will be added to the fuel gage itself on the tank. it can be seen in the top picture, a grey round thing on a rod so to speak. The grey boxes in front of it are the ammo cans and spent cartridge cans.
  24. A Diferent Black Swan

    Looks like the ship of a "super villain" from a movie featuring the Marvel heroes.
  25. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Beautiful build so far! With this speed you will finish before my aircraft is done. Your prop is stunning (along with everything else)