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  1. I will definitely miss SAT Berlin with best prices for Proxxon tools. Fortunately I have bought quite a lot of tools from them. TBS AAchen would be one of alternatives ( ).
  2. This thread definitely "opened my eyes" in understanding "Donation bar" and how things work. If I look how much I (We) spend for hobby per year,a small donation is almost negligible ... but helps a lot to MSW ... MSW where I spent A lot of enjoyable hours . Donation has been sent...
  3. Hello, because I switched to scratchbuilding I am selling 2 kits. 1. La Renommee (Euromodel) French frigate in 1:70 scale. I bought this model direct from Euromodel. Only bulkheads were dryfitted on keel. Price: 400 EUR or best offer + shipping costs 2. Mamoli Friesland in 1:75 scale - SOLD During transport one box with parts was broken and this parts are now in separate box. I will secure them for transport. Everything else is untouched. Price: 300 EUR or best offer + shipping costs I am from Slovenia (EU) but could ship worldwide. Please provide me location to calculate shipping costs. Payment: Paypal or Bank transfer Please contact me on PM if you need more information. Thank you. Best regards, Simon
  4. Thank you WackoWolf and others for likes. I am glad you like it . It took me about 2 months of enjoyable work. Now I am making plans for next project, which will involve more complex engine, with bigger boiler incl. superheater, electric generator,...
  5. My latest finished project.. Oscillating cylinder steam engine. Everything is scratchbuild and It is my first steam engine. It works even at very low pressure.
  6. What a beauty. Congratulations on finishig her.
  7. Beautiful work !
  8. If I understand correct, Chris is re-designig Bellona. Bellona is my "dream" ship, which I would like to build in bigger scale than Corel 1:100 and I hope that it will be released some day .
  9. Hi Owend. I build Amati 1:100 scale Bluenose and It was my first POB model. It was very enjoyable build, not to difficult, with a lot of space for modifications. Sail cloth is included in kit, but like Hamilton, I replace it with better material. Build could be seen in my build log (incl. Making sails). If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  10. Very nice work. Like it a lot
  11. Thank you all for such a nice welcome
  12. Before starting build log for my first wooden ship model, Bluenose by Amati in 1:100 scale, I thought to say hello to all at MSW and say a few words about myself. My name is Simon, 33 years old and I am from beautiful little country in the middle of Europe called Slovenia. I am a modeler since I was 14. Started with Naviga FSR-E class electric boat racing ( national and WC competitions) for more than 8 years. Then moved to model airplanes and F3N aerobatic helicopter flying. Due to the stress factor of extreme flying and health issues I need something more relaxing and started with plastic AFV,airplanes and ship models 3 years ago. Wooden ship model was something what I always admired, wood is also my favorite material to work with, so I decided it is time to make my own wooden ship model. Also wife need something to decorate our living room, and my 2 year old daughter could be a perfect helper I must say that I read MSW site regulary and I am stunned with masterpieces, which you are working on. I have a lot of questions, but I will put them on the build log where they belong. At the end I would like to apologize for not so good English. Best wishes to all of you. Simon