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  1. I will definitely miss SAT Berlin with best prices for Proxxon tools. Fortunately I have bought quite a lot of tools from them. TBS AAchen would be one of alternatives ( ).
  2. This thread definitely "opened my eyes" in understanding "Donation bar" and how things work. If I look how much I (We) spend for hobby per year,a small donation is almost negligible ... but helps a lot to MSW ... MSW where I spent A lot of enjoyable hours . Donation has been sent...
  3. Amazing work marsalv ! Definitely one of my favorites build logs here .
  4. Boxwood is very difficult to find here where I live (maybe only for carvings ). Unfortunately I need to order it from abroad and is very expensive . But we have got a lot of pearwood .
  5. Castello Boxwood for upper planking. I like tone difference above and below wales.
  6. Thanks Dr. Per & Mike. No worries... will keep it natural - oil finish . Today is very productive day and I begin preparing wood for upper planking.
  7. Lower planking is finished . Final sanding is not complete yet, it is just 220 grit for rough sanding. Now it is time to free model from upside down position and start on upper planking and wales.
  8. Thank you Christian for nice comment . @Jörgen: Thanks and Welcome. Regarding wood. Pearwood is from (very good quality and price - nice guy to deal with) , (bit on the expensive side) and some local (here in Slovenia we are fortunate to have a lot of our own pear trees ).
  9. Hi Mike. If I am honest I was very skeptic about doing my own carvings ...And Also afraid, looking what some masters achieved on this forum . I am still at the very beginning, but there are slow progress (I hope). Reale de France is a real challenge (like LE REQUIN - Xebec - 1750) for carving. So... Go for it. I will follow your progress with great interest . There is never enough toys for big boys
  10. Small update on stern decoration,...
  11. Beautiful work Drazen. I hope that some day I will see your model(s) (and also Mile) in person (competition, exhibition) , because I am not so far away from you . Keep up the good work.
  12. Hello, because I switched to scratchbuilding I am selling 2 kits. 1. La Renommee (Euromodel) French frigate in 1:70 scale. I bought this model direct from Euromodel. Only bulkheads were dryfitted on keel. Price: 400 EUR or best offer + shipping costs 2. Mamoli Friesland in 1:75 scale - SOLD During transport one box with parts was broken and this parts are now in separate box. I will secure them for transport. Everything else is untouched. Price: 300 EUR or best offer + shipping costs I am from Slovenia (EU) but could ship worldwide. Please provide me location to calculate shipping costs. Payment: Paypal or Bank transfer Please contact me on PM if you need more information. Thank you. Best regards, Simon
  13. Thank you Dr. Per . I am a slow builder (as time and health issues permits) but will try to do my best on other carvings. @Mike: Thank you for the tip, will check that posts .
  14. My First attempts in carving... . Very enjoyable but slow work, with pleasing results . At first I was thinking to make 3D models and complete them on CNC milling machine, but investment would be too high for now. So, everything will be hand made.