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  1. Small update, working on windows and stern decoration. All from boxwood.
  2. Hello everyone, it has been long since the last update. I make some progress on Mercury, but my build speed is very very slow due to disability caused by illness. I managed to finish wales and started with stern. I really like to work with ebony wood, but is very difficult to process.
  3. Hello James, work on brig Mercury is currently on hold, due to severe health problems. I hope I will come back soon.
  4. Hi Mike, because Euromodel LR is also in my stash (for sale) I was gathering information about ship kit and possible build logs. I found one on Russian site and can be very useful. LINK: https://www.shipmodeling.ru/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5116 . You are doing good progress and I like your attention to details.
  5. Mike, John - Thank you for comments, and others for likes . My goal is to "paint with wood" - using pearwood, boxwood and Ebony. Plan "A" was to use black stained pear as simulated ebony (wales & other black parts). Now I proceed to plan "B" - to actually use Ebony. After several tests with different dyes, stains, etc. nothing really "catch" the look of real Ebony. Currently I am working on wales from Ebony - still experimenting on scrap wood, but results are good .
  6. Upper planking is finished...
  7. Hi Mike. Thanks for tips of using finishes on boxwood. I also noticed that it absorb oils and stains different than pear wood. Before applying final finish on model test will be made on scrap parts/wood. I look at your Trajta log... beautiful work . Regarding production time of stern decoration. Final version took approx. 2 hours of machining time.
  8. Hi Mike. Decor is made from boxwood and it will stay in natural colors. I will use oil finish and some kind of dark "wash" to highlight details. My goal for whole model is to "paint with wood". Thank you Lou. I am glad you like it . Will post progress...
  9. Jim, Mike, Tigersteve, Lou - Thank you for comments, and others for likes . @Imagna (Lou): part was produced in 3 stages (3 different tools) and some details were lost during manufacturing process (for example in the middle should be knight with dragon -dimensions approx. 3x3mm). Also final tool produced some unwanted holes in different places. I see this mistakes and need to fix them ... sometimes it is frustrating ... but end result makes me . Thanks again for stopping by .
  10. Started my first steps with CNC machine. Still a lot to learn, especially 3D modeling, but like the challenge. After a few basic projects I started with most difficult part of stern decoration. This is no. 3 in row- still not best and need some improvements regarding 3D shape and machining parameters... Learning...learning...
  11. Thank you hamilton . It was my first model and I am still "in love" with her smooth lines . I put her on shelf in our dining room and it always attract attention from visitors.
  12. Hello Dave. Sorry for late reply (recently I rarely visit forum ). Hull is brush painted with acrylic paints. Key is to paint in several thin layers with diluted paint and let each layer dry completely. For finish matt acrylic varnish was used (also brush painted). Paints and varnish are Admiralty Paints from Caldercraft.
  13. SimonV


    I will definitely miss SAT Berlin with best prices for Proxxon tools. Fortunately I have bought quite a lot of tools from them. TBS AAchen would be one of alternatives ( http://www.tbs-aachen.de/ ).
  14. This thread definitely "opened my eyes" in understanding "Donation bar" and how things work. If I look how much I (We) spend for hobby per year,a small donation is almost negligible ... but helps a lot to MSW ... MSW where I spent A lot of enjoyable hours . Donation has been sent...

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