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  1. I keep a couple of boxes for wood strips. I also keep some of the plans because some are works of art and i'm sure took a lot of time to create.
  2. Hello Art, On the kit hull, there appear to be nine portholes between the bottom two full hull length rows of portholes. Are these in fact portholes, or something else? I don't see them on the TRMA sidelight diagram on your build site and can 't see them on photos. I was just wondering if I should drill them out Thanks, Don
  3. Hi Allan, The Danmark is looking great! I look forward to seeing the progress of this model project. With the bowsprit attached, how long is the model? Don
  4. I need to cut some small brass strips and was wondering if exacto saw blades are used for cutting metal, or wood only? I also have wire cutters I could use. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Don
  5. Hello, I plan on doing a scratch-build of the Eagle some day in the future and am in the research, information gathering stage. Would anyone here happen to know the type of lifeboat that is being used on the Eagle? Thanks, Don
  6. Hello, I plan on doing a scratch-build of the Eagle some day in the future and am in the research, information gathering stage. Would anyone here happen to know the type of lifeboat that is being used on the Eagle? Thanks, Don
  7. Thanks Druxey, Chuck, and Jud for for your replies. Chuck, thanks for the drawing. I'll follow your advice and add the wale locations. Don
  8. I am marking the locations of the planks for my second planking layer. The midship length gives me a total of 25 planks needed. According to literature, it seems that I'm supposed to divide the total length of each bulkhead by 25 at each bulkhead to get the width needed for the planks at that bulkhead, For instance, a full 7 mm plank width at midship and then tapering in width to bulkhead #1 near the bow. As you can see on the photo, the garboard strake (plank #25) does not naturally seem to reach bulkhead 1. The curve would appear too sharp and unnatural. I'm not sure if I'm measuring the plank widths for bulkhead 1 correctly. Should I have another measuring line at the end of the garboard strake and divde by twenty four along that lline? Any suggestions? Thank you, Don B.
  9. Jaager and Black Viking, Thank you for your comments. I agree that the three butt shift looks better than a four butt shift , and to me, it looks much better than a two butt shift. Unless I find out that a three shift is definately wrong, that's what I'll use. Don
  10. There is not much information that is available on the deck planking butt shifting pattern for Spanish ships of the late1600s. I'm building the San Felipe of 1690 and the plans indicate a 2 plank shift. Any suggestions? Thanks, Don
  11. Peter, Fantastic work on the sail! Your model is looking great. Don
  12. Hi Dan, You got yourself a great deal on the kit! I'll be watching with interest, as I also have this kit in my closet for a future project. As for the keel, I'd probably buy a piece of plywood and cut a new piece, that way it would be good and flat. It might be quite difficult to straighten out the piece you have now. Be careful when cutting the slots on the new piece for the bulkheads because you don't want them to have too much play. The bulkheads should fit snug. Best of luck with the build, Don
  13. Hi Tom, Do you know when the restoration on the Constitution is scheduled to be completed? I remember in 1997 there was a major restoration. Is this the same type of work being done? Your model is looking fantastic! Thanks, Don

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