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  2. Carmelo5150 Model Expo actually has a side endevour where they will purchase outright or sell collections on comission. You might want to give them a try as well. Sam
  3. Mike, Testors I believe bought out the Floquil line a while back and discontinued the line(s). I think (some one correct me) that it had to do with the solvent base of the product. Model Master (also Testors' line) may have cross referenced the more popular colors but I don't know how accurately. You can take a look at Testors' web site. Sam
  4. All in good condition (some light use and sag from shelf storage) MODEL SHIP BUILDER 1982 March/April $4 1983 May/June, July/August November/December $4 each or three for $10 1984 May June $4 1985 March/April $4 1988 January/Feb $4 SHIPS IN SCALE 1984 May/June $5 1987 May/June Sept/Oct $5 each 1989 Jan/Feb March/April Sept/Oct Nov/Dec $5 each or four for $16 1990 May/June $5 1998 March/April Sept /Oct $5 each 2004 March/April May/June July/August Sept/Oct Nov/Dec $5 each or five for $20 2000 complete year 2001 complete year 2002 complete year 2003 complete year 2004 complete year I prefer not to separate the complete year of six issues. Each year is $25 for the six issues MODEL SHIPWRIGHT vol 2, #3 and #4 #73 #74 #83 #109 #110 #112 $10 each or make me an offer for the group. Contact me off line for more info and to discuss. Shipping based on your location and method Thanks - Sam #
  5. A new in box (old box) Amati ROBERT E LEE imported by Model Expo. Complete never taken out of box. $200 Please contact me regarding shipping depending on your location and method Contact me offline Thanks Sam
  6. Thanks - I missed this post when it originally was up. I just found out. Hopefully they will resume next year (2015). I've got every issue from #1 through 2013. They're an invaluable resource Sam
  7. I was just notified by my supplier that there will not be a SHIPWRIGHT 2014 published this year. One of my favorites........... Here's the announcement from Conway Sam
  8. great job!
  9. Bill, The corrections (additions) include the addition of a second former that already has the "cuts" in it for the "drop down decks" of the builder wants to use it and of course the corresponding images on the plans. I've also tweaked a couple of images (parts) nothing major. I've also added a few more lines in the manual and will make sure (try) to see that the manual and drawings remain correct after they have gone to the printer I'll be announcing the new kit very soon - it's a new kit in 1/4" scale. Sam
  10. I hate spell correction!! I will not be matting the ESSEX but MASTING the ESSEX!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bill There is a good chance that I will produce/market in some way the matting and rigging plan and additional items (drawings). the rigging will be with Syren's (Chuck) materials but not through Syren directly. It will also be cross referenced with Expo for monetary sake as their fittings are a little less than Syren's (but obviously less accurate as well) As soon as the corrections are out (very soon - bulk heads are done) I'll get to work on the rigging and I'm also just getting underway with a new kit offering from Expo - to be announced soon Sam
  12. Tim The images for the masts and yards and additional boats will not be in the amended kits. Expo is keeping the kit as an admiralty offering only. I'd go with the AOS plans as a basis Sam
  13. Hi Bob, I hope they (Expo) will as well. The "thing" is moving on in time. I know that Chuck experienced some production issues (not to ESSEX's point) with his kits that were cleaned up but now as time moves on there are some other quality control / production concerns that have nothing to do with the design creeping back in. That's what's most frustrating. What I designed and was produced is assembled as the proto-type (and I consider myself an average builder) and it looks pretty good. Once production begins my influence is nullified for the most part. It's up to the builder to interpret whether it's a poorly designed kit or a poorly produced kit - two entirely separate things. My concern is that regardless of ESSEX's design ANY issue will be attributed to the design on my end as opposed to a production issue. I (like any designer) have to accept that inevitably there will be builders who do not like some aspect of my kit design be it drawings, methodology, instruction etc. You can't please everybody - that's just the reality of it. The best example I can give is that there are aspects of Chuck's designs (which I believe are as good as any available) that I don' care for. They're still amazing but I prefer different approaches - doesn't make them bad design. ESSEX has a shadow over it right now (and rightfully so) Hopefully moving forward the corrections along with a few build logs and the proto-type build log will re-establish the kit. Your efforts have been great in showing what can be done in a scratch/bash/upgrade approach - that's just what I hoped for in designing it. You can attest that even if the kit is followed there are a number of upgrade opportunities for the builder to really go for it. But if they choose to remain true to the kit (which has a lot of scratch build aspects) they'll still end up with a hell of a finished boat. Bob, as you (and a few others) have seen I have the masts and yards already drawn. I was always hoping to rig her to a high level (say along the lines of Grant's VICTORY) so I've got my work cut out for me. I also want to include additional details (boats, anchors, etc) so there's a lot to do. Once I know that the corrections are complete and she's in a good place again I'll start on the rig. Sam
  14. Tim, Now that I look at your picture I recognize the background - cool! The Fort is amazing. I belong to the Association and always look forward to the French/Indian encampment. 1,000+ people in period costume. My Wife and I also love attending the outdoor concerts by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. The entire Lewiston region (Niagara Frontier) was a major area during the War of 1812. Lewiston itself was burned to the ground by the British and Indians and a majority of the residents (men, women. children) killed. As far as subject matter, if Expo were to have a specific project I would entertain it. On my own I've thought about doing a larger scale/high detail CONNY cross section that would include all the details moving aft at least to the end of the Main Channel. And it's kind'a "funny" that in the Gallery section pics were recently posted of a British 20 gun w/oars. There really isn't anything like that in the market. Sam